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Stray puppers... :(

Santiago is many things. I´m having trouble summing it up because I keep finding new adjectives and descriptions for it... Here are some I´ve come up with so far:

1. Historical.

When we arrived early yesterday morning (although we´ve done so much it already seems like we´ve been here a week!), we met our tour guide, Patricia, and went on a three-hour bus tour of the city. I especially loved the Plaza de Armas and all the statues around it, commemorating the victims of September 11, 1973, when General Agusto Pinochet´s military coup forced socialist president Salvador Allende out of office and governed Chile in terror for 17 years.

2. Foggy.

Pollution has caused a layer of fog to permanently form over the city. It doesn´t help that it is situated right in the middle of the Andes mountains so there is no wind.

Cool graffiti... but it's everywhere.
Still, I won´t complain because although it is fall (November-ish) here, the weather has been beautiful so far.

3. Full of stray dogs.

Soooo sad. Patricia told us that they are there because evil people used to take the dogs in and eat them for their meat during the Pinochet regime. And then when the regime finally left power, they released them all into the street without any way of caring for them. Some are really nice and I just want to pet dem and tiss dem and bwing dem home wifs me. But I won't because I know that is a very bad idea... No rabies for Lindsay...

4. European.

It sounds weird, but there are things about Chile that remind me of Spain (besides just the language and the false advertisements for Wifi). There are tons of immigrants and ethnic food, European-influenced architecture, and lots of Catholicism.

Jackie and I in the radio recording room at Universidad Católica
It is not a third-world country by any means, but it does not boast the same luxuries (in terms of legal rights, technology and more) as we priviledged North Americans are used to. 

5. Geographically fascinating.

So this one applies to Chile as a whole, rather than just Santiago. As I've learned, Chile is the only country that encompasses desert that meets the ocean. The north of Chile is the Atacama desert, and the Pacific Ocean runs all along its more than 2,000 miles of coastline. I'm excited to visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar to see a little bit of the country outside of the capital, where more than half of its residents live. One day I hope to come back and visit both the north and south of Chile because I hear they are vastly different from the big cities.

There are tons more, but I don't have much time. Stay tuned for details about the pisco sour, meeting "Mick Jagger," seafood galore and a trip through the Andes Mountains!

mamacitapatti18 says:
LOVE hearing all about your adventures, Linds!! I hope you have a fabulous and SAFE trip. Can't wait to see you in a week! Be well, mi amor. xoxo-tu mama!
Posted on: May 16, 2009
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Stray puppers... :(
Stray puppers... :(
Cool graffiti... but its everywhe…
Cool graffiti... but it's everywh…
Jackie and I in the radio recordin…
Jackie and I in the radio recordi…
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