American Adventure Day 7 - Goodbye San Francisco hello Los Angeles and where the hell is my luggage

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I`d arranged to catch the hostel shuttle to San Francisco airport at 9am and was checked out and ready to go on time.  However the shuttle was running late and did not arrive until almost 10am.  I was now very worried about missing my flight!  After an altercation with a very rude woman on the shuttle who seemed to think it was perfectly acceptable to take up four seats and suggest I sit on the floor, we eventually got to the airport terminal where I found that my worrying was misplaces as my flight was delayed by 2 hours!!

I was switched to an earlier flight to Los Angeles and was assured that my luggage had been automatically switched aswell.

  However when I arrived in LA my bags had not arrived.  I was then assured that there were on their way on the next flight and that they would be sent direct to my hostel.  I tend to work on the theory that if someone messes up once you should assume that they will probably mess up a second time.  So I remained in the termonal until my bags eventually arrived several hours later.  I had originally estimated being in my hotel by 2pm but didn`t actually make it until 6pm.  

I was staying at the Kyoto Grand in downtown LA.  I had been told that the area could be kinda rough especially at night but the hotel itself and general area seemed fine to me.   The plan was to spend two nights here to see local attractions such as Holywood and Universal studios and then move down to my hostel in Santa Monica for some well deserved chill out time.

  I had arranged to meet up with Melanie and Alice on Olvera Street for the Cinco de Mayo Celebrations.  This is a big Mexican festival that is celebrated heavily in LA.  I`m unsure of the reasons or the history behind it but what the hell, its a party!!

Melanie had arranged for us to meet at Juanitas an authentic mexican cafe.  I allowed Melanie to order for me and have to say she made a very good choice.  The standard of Mexican food in England is poor but whatever this was, it was fantastic!  After picking up Angelica and Tracy we all headed for a downtown club called the Conga Room.  Again I had the shock of being asked for proof of age. 

The club itself was pretty cool and very lively for a Tuesday night.  I was getting the feeling that LA was going to be my sort of city.

  After a bit of a dance and several drinks Melanie asked if I fancied changing my plans and going on a road trip back to Vegas with her.  Living in a small city in England I thought stuff like that only happened in the movies! How could i say no??

After leaving the club we paid a visit to a local mexican fast food stand.  In England places like this are your absolutely last resort when in nee of food but this was excellent.  Again I had let Melanie order for me and was astonished at how good it was.  I was sad to be leaving LA so soon and I had not had much of a chance to get to know Alice, Tracy and Angelica.  Alice in particular had been wonderful, kindly volenteering to drive me to Santa Monica.  However Vegas is Vegas and my road trip awaited.

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