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Despite having the mother of all hangovers ( Adrian I blame you!) managed to get another early start.  Obviously being in California it was raining again.  Stopped for for my usual headache curing starbucks latte and got the usual comments about my English accent.  We`d arranged to meet up for the Alcatraz tour at 11am but I wanted to have a general roam of the city to see what I could discover beforehand.

The city seemed very peaceful for 9am on a saturday.  In my home town you would see a procession of young ladies making the walk of shame but San Francisco is obviously classier.  I got to see some interestingly painted buildings in North Beach and the famous Mechanics Monument.

  The highlight though was walking down one of the streets that was used to film the legendary car chase in Bullet.  Steve McQueen was one of my childhood heroes and it just felt so cool.  You simply can`t appreciate the sheer steepness of these roads until you witness them first hand and although they are a bugger to walk up they give the city a uniqueness.

Next was the Alcatraz tour.  Met up with Sal, RJ, Adrian ( someone told him there would be beer on the boat), Matt, Bill, Shannon, Portia, Ian, and Robert ( who had now been found alive and well ).  After initially making the foolish choice of going up deck to brave the elements we eventually moved back under cover as we headed towards the Rock.  There was a great buzz about seeing the prison, we were clearly all movie fans and had chatted about the clint eastwood based there.

  This was gonna be great.  Seeing the cells first hand was so cool and being able to enter them and take a few pics was highly amusing.  However this excitement only lasts for about 20 minutes and then you start to get bored of seeing more cells that look exactly the same or rooms such as the shower halls or governors office that have no special atmosphere or interest.  I wouldn`t tell anybody not to visit alcatraz but it certainly didnt match my expectations.

The evening meetup took place at Elephant and Castle, an English style pub that served fish and chips.  Yes i`d travelled 6000 miles to San Francisco just so I could do exactly the same thing that I do in England on a saturday night!  There was a great turnout and Michelle had kindly bought name badges for us all.

  In my case this was so I would know the names of all the Tbers I had not already met, for Adrian it was so he would know his own name at the end of the evening!  After a wonderful meal we all moved downstiars to continue the party.  I was challenged to a game of pool by the lovely Michelle who insisted that she was not very good.  We made it a boys v girls event we me teaming up with Bill and Michelle roping in Shannon to be her partner.  After a resounding defeat I vowed never to trust Michelle (the Hustler) again!

Later we made the usual choice of moving on to Leftys.  I personally had spent so much time in this Irish Bar that I was now on first names terms with the bar staff.  The usual Alcoholics were with me Adrian, Matt, RJ, Sal, Erin, Brett and Ian.

  At one point I paid a visit to the loo ( yes I said loo not bathroom) and a rather odd guy started talking to me about his favourite English Bands.  I had not said anything to him so how he could tell I was English just from the way I use the loo I dread to think.  After making his little speech about the greatness of the sex pistols and the clash he handed me one of the bottles of beer he was holding. I`d like to say this is the weirdest experience ive ever had in a toilet but id be lying!  I took the precaution of making Adrian taste me beer for possible signs of date rape drug and then rejoined the party.  This all climaxed with a resounding rendition of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody.  I did a particulary impressive air drum solo.

Walking back to my hostel I saw a couple of girls struggling to open the door of their apartment, being the English gent I gave them a hand and when the heard my accent they went nuts.  They went on about how they wanted to visit London and then asked if they could have their pictures taken with me! I felt like David Beckham!

hannah-lou says:
Hahaha, pimpin it in USA with the smooth English accent, I bet you played it well!! Nice work my friend ;)
Posted on: May 16, 2009
magera says:
Yes sarah is the one in the red and white striped top in the above picture.
Posted on: May 15, 2009
acowboy says:
awww man, great blog.. so good i don't think i will make mine! and did we ever find out which girl that was? only asking...
Posted on: May 15, 2009
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