Day 8: Zurich, Switzerland

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Pack the car Honey, we are moving to Switzerland! I always wanted to visit here, it was the first place I would tell anyone when I was a kid and they asked where in the world I wanted  to go. Now I know why! The Swizz Alps shoot out of rolling green hills and tiny stone and log houses with out fences, power-lines or anything ugly to ruin it. Lakes are everywhere and waterfalls come off the mountains with very cold and pretty water. This time of year there are flowers covering the Alps and only the highest parts are white with snow.  Sheep and cute brown cows all with bells around their necks graze up and down the hills and we even saw chickens, rabbits and one pink pig. Oh and some very hairy dogs. The houses are all adorable. Decorative colored shutters and doors with porches and decks everywhere to enjoy the view. Switzerland trains are fancy and aways on time, actually everything is on time to the minute.

No wonder, they have Swiss clocks everywhere!

   Kaylyn and I stayed in a hotel just outside of Zurich last night where a very nice Swiss kid gave us directions to Rigi, or Queen Mountain. Two trains and one very steep climbing trolley later we were on top of the world. Or a swizz Alp, but same thing. The view was breathtaking, literally since we climbed almost 5000 feet.  I didn’t notice but Kaylyn was dying because she couldn’t breath the very thin air. We ran through yellow flowers anyway, over hills and even found patches of snow, all with a view of the lake and town below us. Amazing for sure, I already want to go back.

   We went into Zurich after wards and walked around exploring the town. Saw some very expensive cars and a lot of Swiss banks and men in suites. Looks like a happening place. The styles were odd, very 70s punk-rock for the teens and lots of bobs for the older women. But it was a very clean and easy to figure out.  And we liked listening to everyone talk  in their funny language.

   Now we are on a fast train to Paris hoping to make our hostel by 11pm tonight. Goodbye Switzerland, you are by far my favorite!

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photo by: Sweetski