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Italian Latte after long night on a train.

20 hours on a train and we are finally in Nice, France. No, we didn't get much sleep on the night train from Naples last night because of a snoring Italian and no leg room so stopping in Milan this morning was a welcome break. We found a place open with lattes, my fist Italian latte (tiny of course, but good) and some honey bread. Then we checked out part of the city and ran into a smelly market full of everything from octopus to giant fresh cherries which we bought a pound of for a Euro and ate them for hours on the train. The scenery was lovely from Italy to the French border since we followed the coast line all the way. French guards boarded the train at the last Italian town and Kaylyn had to say good bye to anything familiar she knew including the language. We decided we know about 7 words in French, so it should be exciting.

    Once in Nice we were told to find the 'Pink Lady' and she would take us to the hostel. Sure enough in a tiny French shop covered in newspapers and old tablecloths a lady wearing pink from head to toe called around and haggled on prices finally sending us a few streets over to a fancy hostel that she booked at a discount price. It was a welcome site, and we met our roommates most of them from Australia and California, all of them who have no jobs and live the life of a poor traveler who happened to land in Nice to enjoy some beach time. Nice 'poor' life! At east the spoke English, which is more then we can say for this town. Nothing in English, and hardly anyone we talked to spoke it. Oh well.

   Kaylyn and I walked through town to check out the beach and found out #1.

French doors don't pull to open, always push, #2. Restaurants turn into bars after 8pm, no food is served and #3. If you do find food good luck getting it for a reasonable price. We settled for a quick stop at a grocery for a pastry and some strange form of juice. French dinners in Nice are fancy and expensive!

   I am writing this from downstairs at the hostel where it has gotten quite loud with all the travelers starting to party and try to communicate in several broken languages. Kaylyn and I had some much deserved (needed?) showers and are about to go upstairs to climb into our bunks for the night. More tomorrow, free Internet here. Hope all is well at home and work, hey guys!  Bonjour from France!





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Italian Latte after long night on …
Italian Latte after long night on…
Milan train Station
Milan train Station
photo by: Niki-Travelfan