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View from Island of Capri

We hopped a boat headed for Capri this morning for 25 Euros  and got a great tour around the island from the boat caption and 5 hours to explore Capri once we landed. The island is basically one giant rock sticking out of the sea with a city built into it. About 5 miles long and hundreds of feet in the air it is quite impressive from the beach and even more so from the top. We hiked for over an hour up the winding streets through neighborhoods heading up to the main town and trying not to get run over by tiny buses and taxis also speeding up the winding roads. Once we made it to the top we stopped for a quick iced coffee which is nothing like you would think, but good. Basically it is espresso and sparkling water in a tiny cup, hardly more then a shot. I have decided everything is tiny here actually, but I will save that for later. Anyway it was refreshing and we headed to the shops next. There was everything from Prada to Diesel  with tourist traps in-between and quite a crowd trying to see it all. The temperature rose to about 90 so we found a cool place to have our picnic of crackers, fresh oranges and some leftover trail mix.

Too expensive to buy food here, we would rather save our money for more traveling.

  We had to be back to the boat by 4pm and after 5 hours of climbing hills and looking at shops and scenery we were exhausted so we took a bus back down to the beach and waded into the very green and blue water. We did splurge on a delicious coconut milk pina colada and sipped that on the beach until the boat arrived to take us back  to the mainland, Sorrento.

Capri was lovely, certainly worth the Euros to tour it and on the way back they even stopped to show us the blue Grato, which is very pretty and wasn't  famous until Hugh Hefner decided to  build a model of it in his Playboy mansion.

Island of Capri lighthouse
Silly, hu? The water is so clear you can see to the bottom everywhere and so many colors of aqua and green it of course has to be seen to be understood. But we took tons of pictures!

   Back to camp we had only a few minutes to check out, catch the first bus back to town and take the subway back to Naples where we had seconds to board the last train out that night to Milan. Funny story, we were running through the station at full speed and I accidentally ran right into the back of a small metal truck that decided to stop in the middle of the road. Only suffered a huge bruise to the leg and didn't even lose Kaylyn in the crowd. Of course since we were last minute we had to run and then were put in a tiny sleeper car where you can’t lay down and the stranger across from you is only  a foot away...and we are on here till 7:30am tomorrow. Fun times! From Milan we will take the train to Nice where we have a hostel waiting and more beach, internet and food. Good night from the dark train, and from Italy!



lukewillis says:
Looks awsome!
Posted on: May 19, 2009
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View from Island of Capri
View from Island of Capri
Island of Capri lighthouse
Island of Capri lighthouse
photo by: williamsworld