Day 3: Sorento's town and beach.

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Town of Sorento
Today we slept in till 8:30, had breakfast at the campground bar (Cheerios and warm milk...they don't refrigerate milk or eggs here!) and headed down the winding road to the main town of Sorento. Motorbikes and cars (all tiny) speed around like crazy which made it scary to walk with them, but they did a good job swerving to miss us and we arrived alive.

The colorfull town was busy with markets and tourists stands and we got sucked in by shiny objects and delisious looking fresh fruit. Once again everything here is locally grown so it is all large and cheap. After buying some we stopped in a small shop for Gelato, which Kaylyn said I had to try in Italy. It was made of fresh lemons and strawberries and cost 1 Euro for 2 scoops.

About noon the sun came out and the temperature rose to a humid 80 degrees so we headed to the beach. A steep downhill hike from the campground to the transparent Turanian Sea the 'beach' was a steep rocky cliff with even more rocks sticking out of the water. Once we made it to the water (sacraficing our legs on the rocks the whole way) it was cold but relaxing and we floated around in it like segals bobbing. A lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon for sure.

Now we are resting at the cabin until Siesta is over (2pm-4pm daily) and the reseraunts open back up so we can go for dinner. Kaylyn says pizza is in order for our last night in Italy, and it sounds good to me. Hope everyonàs Sunday is as relaxing as ours has been. Good evening from the penensular of Sorento!

P.S. The spellcheck is trying to change everything to Italian so sorry if there are odd words and horrid mis-spellings on here!
lukewillis says:
love the shades
Posted on: May 17, 2009
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Town of Sorento
Town of Sorento
Our lunch by the sea
Our lunch by the sea
photo by: hellenica