Day 10: Amsterdam, Holland

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We arrived by train into Amsterdam last evening and had to stop and ask about 6 times to find the way to our hotel. All the street  names are at least 13 letters long and there are tons of canals and bridges everywhere!  But we found it and were pleasantly surprised with how nice it was for the price. Usually we don’t spend more then 25 Euros a night, or about $35 dollars and we always have free Internet, showers, sheets and towels (extra at some places!)  and sometimes even breakfast. We were right next to the Red Light District but it was clean and decently quiet.

   We walked all around the winding cobblestone streets checking out everything from the small handmade hippie stores to the coffeehouses and restaurants.

It is a bike city, literally bikes everywhere. They fly past ringing their bells and making it life threatening  to cross any sidewalks or street. I was within a millimeter of getting hit twice. And of course the whole town smells of weed, clouds of it everywhere that we did our best to dodge. We did stop for one beer, first one this whole trip and to people watch then Kaylyn started craving potato chips badly so we decided to head for bed before the smoke got to us any worse.

   Met the free walking tour the next morning and toured all the historic sites of the city on foot. Everything from the first stock exchange building, the original coffeshop and the one that Oceans 12 had a scene in with Matt Damon to Ann Frank’s secret room-house. Very interesting all the many years of history in one small town.  Holland buildings all lean one way or the other since the whole town is actually below sea level and has tons of canals and water running through it.

The like to saw that God created the earth but the Dutch created Amsterdam, literally claiming it back from the sea. Very well built with all different influences, we toured all the different districts. Some of it has very fancy ad intricate buildings that were original from when the city was one of the richest in the world.

   Kaylyn and I stopped for a Dutch pancake and fries (served with mayo...?) and very delicious then headed to the train station for Berlin. Once we reached the German boarder the scenery was lushes farmland filled with wildlife. I saw 6 mini-horses, 11 giant jackrabbits, 6 tiny deer and a bunch of pheasant things.  It was like taking a wildlife tour through the German farmland.

   We were doing well until we missed our second switch and the last train out to Berlin that night.

Pretty good really, since that is the first one we have missed in 10 days, but we had to take trains to some random city in Germany called Munster, like the cheese.  But the man at the station there sent us to a hotel down the road where everyone was very friendly and even spoke some English. We got a nice room for the night and even a lovely breakfast of bread, several kinds of cheese and coffee. Now off to Berlin for real!

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photo by: pearcetoyou