Day 1-Frankfurt, Rome & Tuscania!

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Kaylyn at San Pietro in Tascania

I made it!  After 3 planes, 2 trains, 2 busses and one completely lost night in the time zone change I am finally in Tascania, Italy. Kaylyn and friend Sam picked me up in the Rome airport at 9:30 this morning, 2:30am Missouri time. So it feels like the middle of the night right now, except it is light. When we passed the not-so-imaginary time zone line in the ocean it went from evening to morning in two hours, so basically there was no Thursday night. Very strange, don’t try to figure it out, you will get jetlag. Just hoping I don’t notice one lost night of my life too much. So far some very strong Italian coffee and 3 Tylenal have done the trick.

   Flying into Frankfort at 5:30am was fun, everyone tried to yell at me in German, even though they all stared like I was clearly something else.

  Rome airport wasn’t at all what I expected either. We flew over fields of sheep, hay and small rock houses for miles then suddenly there was a ruway. It was a very small but crowded airport and I waited in the Cafe for Kaylyn for a couple hours just people watching. So far I have discovered that all Italian girls like small tight clothes and Italan boys are super tiny and wear  tight pants. And they all talk very loud.

On my first train (of MANY) right now heading to Kaylyn’s apartment in Tascania. We are going to sleep here tonight and say goodbye to the small town she has called home for four months then catch a early bus in the morning to Naples. It smells so good outside, fresh and like sweet flowers. Its ok to pretend you are here, so far its lovely. Frday is almost over for me, but it is just starting for everyone back home, so TGIF to you all and have a great rest of the day!



lukewillis says:
So glad you made it okay! The place is too quiet without you, LOVE YOU!!!
Posted on: May 15, 2009
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Kaylyn at San Pietro in Tascania
Kaylyn at San Pietro in Tascania
A house down the street from Kayly…
A house down the street from Kayl…
Me and an awesome Lemon Creme Puff…
Me and an awesome Lemon Creme Puf…
The Belvedere Fountain in Tuscania
The Belvedere Fountain in Tuscania
photo by: OlgaN