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On the first floor of Top Of The Rock

Thursday May 7

The last day in New York. Out of bed early and collect the food from the lobby again. This time the hotel was busy. This time I stayed downstairs longer. Drink more coffee and enjoyed my free time. I went upstairs to bring the food up. Now we have to rearrange the suitcases and try to find something still clean to wear. I still had no opportunity to shop for myself and I wanted to see Macy’s!!  They agreed to go there but it was already 10.

a little information about the top of the rock
15am and they did not want to take a taxi. I put my feet in the highest gear and walked very fast. We arrived at 10.50 at the shop. This shop is very big and I did not know where to start. Because we had to be back at the hotel at 12.00 to check out. Normally I would take my time to consider what I really need. But this time I had to choose very fast. I saw a very nice handbag but it was from Prada. A bit too expensive!! So I found another nice one. And a better price. I went to the  cash desk and would pay. I took a discount card from Macy which I got  in the hotel and wanted it to hand in. But to get the discount you have to go upstairs and lineup. There they will ask you from what country you come from, and you get your discount card. (11%) Than you can go back to the cash deck and pay your things and hand over the discount card.

Now had to hurry back to the hotel, after using the room for 15 minutes we had to check out.

read the sign!!
We stored our luggage in the special room. Now we have time to visit the top of the Rock. On  Rockefeller square you will find the ticket desk for the top of the Rock. At this one you can only pay with your credit card. When you have coupons from the hotel you will receive 2$ discount . The ticket for the Top of The Rock is 18$ with discount. I think I overcome myself because I am afraid of heights. Walking towards the entrance I got a bit scared but I did enter the building. First we had to take a big stairway. Then they showed us the construction of the building. Now we are guided towards the elevator. Still very quiet and no rows. The elevator had a glass roof, and looking up you can see all the levels lighten up with a blue light. This building has 2 roofs to be visited. The lowest one has a gift shop and a room with music and lights, when you dance wave or sing the colors will respond to the vibes. Very nice artwork. On this deck there is a very thick glass wall. So you are not able to jump or fall over it. Lucky me!! The last level can be reached by escalator. This has just a few Glass walls, because there is a lower floor.
In the elevator
The view was amazing, so wonderful!! And still dry! But when you look in the distance you will notice that heavy weather was coming towards us. We really did visit the Top Of the Rock just in time.

Two meters after we left the building it started to rain. Not normal rain, but pouring!!  No umbrella of course! But we did not like to become so very wet, staying in a plane with wet clothes is not nice. Trying to avoid the rain, but it was almost impossible. In the street where the diamond stores are we did shelter for the rain. But it did not stop. In a short while there was a man selling umbrella’s! He was smart!! But of course everybody bought an umbrella, even me. It was almost time to be back at the hotel, we had ordered a taxi so we did not have to wait for one. The porter told us to sit down in the lobby and asked us to wait because we were a bit too early.

On top of the Rock
Ok, but we wanted to leave. No we had to wait a while he already had called for the taxi. So we had to wait about half an hour. Then the porter told us that our taxi had arrived. So I stepped outside, I started to laugh because he hired an extended limousine for us. It was an old fashioned one, but the thought was very nice. And the price was the same as a normal taxi. And we really could relax in the car. We enjoyed the suggestion of the porter very much. As much as we liked the atmosphere of the small hotel. They made this last day a bit special for us!!

A small snack (bread) on the airport and then boarding at 10.00pm, but a delay from 15 minutes. No problem it was so windy that the flight only would take 6 hours and 5 minutes. This is very fast. And an extra surprise was we had comfort class on our way home in the plane!! More space! And this was really pleasant , while our foot where not able to walk anymore.  This was a very hectically holiday but it was a nice one.



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On the first floor of Top Of The R…
On the first floor of Top Of The …
a little information about the top…
a little information about the to…
read the sign!!
read the sign!!
In the elevator
In the elevator
On top of the Rock
On top of the Rock
New York
photo by: herman_munster