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Saturday may 2

This morning was early again, but this time the breakfast was  included. The choice was ok, even a machine with liquid dough to make a waffle. It did taste good. But everything was plastic. To us that is very strange and polluting. But ok. It seems normal there.

We wanted to be at the Niagara Falls on time and there were also a lot of things we wanted to see.

The route we took is about  Liberty, Mansfield Corning Bath Dansville.  Than Niagara Falls. But first our cup of coffee. This time we stopped in Painted Post, at the cafe Heavenly cup. So wonderful I have never enjoyed a cup coffee more than this one. (or the one in Stockholm) And the owners were so very friendly.  Following the route we came along Batavia. Here there is a Museum called: Holland Office Museum. It is in the opposite of Dunkin and Donuts.

Continuing the road we reached the boarder of Canada. It seems that we always choose the wrong row. It took about half an hour to cross the border. But from there we saw the hotel, Skyline Inn. But I saw the other one also, the one we were supposed to stay. Sheraton on the Falls. I picked that one for the nice view.

who is this? It is being recorded
But our hotel was hidden behind a big amusement hall. So no Falls to be seen. This hotel was nice, it was recently renovated so we were not able to call to Holland again. We were so sick of calling!! So  we accepted it for the moment. After unpacking our suitcase we hurried to the Falls so we could take the tour Maid of the Mist. It was still early enough, and it was clear weather and not very busy. We walked along the river towards the ticket centre. Just 3 people in front of us. Lucky! The Price of the ticket was 14$ pp. So acceptable. We walked down a bit and then had to step into the elevator to bring us down to the boat. There they handed out the blue rain coat to us. Like blue spaceman we entered the boat. It did not took us long before we sailed along. The first waterfall you see is on the American side. Next to us another boat was sailing with a lot of dancing, jumping people. I took a closer look and saw that there was a singer being recorded. Or better filmed. But I still do not know who he is. And the music was very loud!. Sailing on the camera was getting wetter and wetter. Really had to clean it all the time. But the closer you get to the Horse shoe waterfall the harder it is to make nice pictures.
The only thing you can see is mist!!! And the noise from the water falling down on the rocks and into the water. It was a nice experience to see this.

Of course thirsty again and find a nice place to sit in the mall. It was already late and we were thinking where we would have our dinner. Not very much in the nearby area, so Hard rock café again, but I did have vegetables! (I did hope that was the last one I had to visit). After that we went to the Skylon Tower to see what they have to offer. Tomorrow is Sunday and they have a dinner buffet. Seems nice, so would like to reserve a table for tomorrow. Surprise, it was not possible, yes the sign could say that they serve that, but it is low season, so not available. Of course, than they should have make an note on the sign to tell us.

In the evening we had to take care of the amount off calories we had, so we had to walk. We walked to the table of Rock. This is the place where the Falls start to fall over the cliff. And the waterfall is colored by big spotlights. Very nice to see that, but the pictures are not that clear.

KeikoCreative says:
I love that experience, as u go closer to the fall u can hear the sound is so gentle, not the roaring sound;)
Posted on: May 23, 2009
JP-NED says:
Schitterend he! maakte veel indruk, ik heb de helicoptervlucht nog gemaakt, geweldige ervaring.
Posted on: May 13, 2009
Petra2111 says:
Mooie foto's by the way!!
Posted on: May 12, 2009
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who is this? It is being recorded
who is this? It is being recorded
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this picture made it in the newsp…
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