Our main airport in holland, amsterdam, and tb in the newspaper!

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this is the part what i mean. and in the right corner they mentioned Andy from Washington!!! Also a famous tb er!!

A few weeks ago i had contact with our local newspaper. (total province of Gelderland). they were curious about travbuddy and i pointed him out to my blog about america. He has been reading my story and wanted to know more about it, so he called me up. We did chat a while and i was telling him about TB. It is better to ask travbuddy's to plan a holliday than to book an organised trip. So today he published my story. From the point i marked it, there starts the TB information.

Tip for the dutch TB readers. go to www.seebuyfly.nl  and play the game. I have already received a few things by playing this game. (a book, sunprotection and a bodylotion) so not bad at all!!

Schiphol is one of the largest airports in the world.

The "sluis"
In the early days it was the Haarlemmermeer. They had to impolder the small lake and it became a place where they put a fort which was named Schiphol.  In the field they build a barn, but soon it was too small and they extended it. In 1935 the airport was already bigger, and it was time to make a real runway and use asphaltic concrete. In 1963 they started to build the passenger building. From that moment on Schiphol kept growing.

Today there is a good connection to the airport by car and by train. From several stations in holland you can go directly to schiphol airport. Parking places are huge. But not cheap. You can choose for Lang parkeren, and parking in the garage for picking up travelers or just for a nice day on the airport.

The first place you will see is Schiphol Plaza, it is always crowded overthere because the trains arrive there also.

Plane called "Rio de Janeiro" from KLM
In this area you can shop, drink, eat and enjoy. If you are a tourist for one day, you can visit the platform where you can see the planes waiting for the travellers. There is also a museum at schiphol which you can visit. The Aviodrome which is located in Lelystad is also a good option to visit once (but you have to drive a little bit further for it). Very nice and interesting to see. And you can make a bus tour which will lead you between the planes. Also very nice. There is much to see and to do for visitors.

If you are a traveller, Schiphol is a very nice place to spent your money. There is fun, there are enough shops, you can eat a variaty of food. Or you can relax!! Like this airport very much. If you travel to for example tunisia, most of the time you will leave from "Pier" D. This means you have to walk rather far. But they have a solution for it. A moving sidewalk which will bring you to several gates.  Like Schiphol very much. Never been boared overthere.

Transitory says:
Great write up, and good P.R. buzz
Posted on: Aug 11, 2009
Vikram says:
Schipol is a very nice airport. When I travel to India, I transit through Europe and AMS is the best of them all. Sadly for me, I don't have any direct connections to BLR from AMS which is why I end up choosing Lufthansa or British Airways.
Posted on: Aug 11, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Gejah is a Celebrityyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! heheeheh
Congrats!! This is Great!! :D
Posted on: Aug 11, 2009
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this is the part what i mean. and …
this is the part what i mean. and…
The sluis
The "sluis"
Plane called Rio de Janeiro from…
Plane called "Rio de Janeiro" fro…
Overview from schiphol
Overview from schiphol
proof. on the right side on the pa…
proof. on the right side on the p…
photo by: Paulovic