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view from the restaurant's rooftop
Taj Mahal was beautiful and grand … but waking up in the morning just to step outside of the tent and see the majestic structures belonging to the palace complex just on the other side of the fence was equally amazing.

Yes, and I did say tents. When I first signed up for a GAP adventure tour I actually thought that these tents will resemble, more or less, those I use when camping in Pennsylvania’s woods. But I was wrong and I was so happy that I didn’t volunteered to take a room in the adjacent hotel building (at Orchha Resort).  
The tents were amazing. They had air-conditioning, really nice beds, a separate shower and toilet, tv, dresser, mirror, chairs, etc. And when you opened your door in the morning you were greeted by the sight of the most amazing architecture staring back at you.
our hotel rooms - tents with a view
No one could believe how beautiful it all was.  

After everyone settled in, we went to the town to see the sights. There was not a lot of tourists … actually I saw maybe 3-4 people walking around and it felt good. In the evening we all stopped by the local temple and listened to monks speaking just in the middle of the town. It was a great experience even thou non of us could understand a thing - yet we all felt the excitement of the town during this festival. After sitting on the ground for another 30 minutes it was time for dinner. And the dinner itself was an experience.
Our guide took us to the upscale restaurant located right in the palace. There we watched some local girls (or rather boys dressed as girls) dancing and proceeded for our table.
the river
This table was set up for us on the roof the palace with a view of the neighboring palace complex buildings and the entire town. It was dark but the colorful lights directed on the walls and lights coming from festival (together with the sounds of chanting) made this evening just magical. We had our own private table on the roof of the palace!!!

In the morning we had a time off to ourselves. My sister was still in bed so I decided to see a little bit of town on my own. I went down to the local river but because of the time of the year it was almost nonexistent. Instead there were huge rocks sticking out from what was left from the river. On those rocks I could see many locals washing their clothes, bathing… I stepped down from the bridge onto the rocks and soon was called over by couple of local women. They gave me a piece of watermelon and invited me to stay. Since non of us could speak the same language our conversation was limited to many smiles and exchange of looks. I stayed with them for nearly 20 min. observing their daily routine and then came back to my lovely tent.
The same day we all went to see the Orchha palace complex in more detail. It was breathtaking and the history of the place was equally enchanting. I would recommend everyone to visit.

PS: look for the monkeys there are hiding in the most surprising of places.
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view from the restaurants rooftop
view from the restaurant's rooftop
our hotel rooms - tents with a view
our hotel rooms - tents with a view
the river
the river
our hotel room - a tent with an aw…
our hotel room - a tent with an a…
door - it guarded the palace again…
door - it guarded the palace agai…
Orchha palace
Orchha palace
Orchha palace - so many corridors …
Orchha palace - so many corridors…
photo by: Paulovic