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On our way back from St. Tropez, on a rainy day, we decided to stop at Frejus, a nice little town in southern France. While some places, like St. Tropez, lose their charm with rain (afterall, who expects rain when they go to the beach?) there are other that are just wonderful with the rainy weather. There isn't really much to see on this town, or at least I thought so. This petite ville is one I really liked as we just got to their really old church which is very old style and simple unlike many of the churches you can find in europe.  While most of the people decided to stay indoors and perhaps grab a bite, I wanted to go take a walk around and possibly find something interesting.

From the photos that survived my PC breakdown I managed to save a few of what I found in there.

There is some sort of monument to the french resistance and it is surrounded some remains from very old roman columns which are partially covered by vines and other plants. The thing I liked the most is this place filled with trees that apparently leads to some old and humongous house. I wanted to explore it and also take a few pictures of it, even if I'm not much a nature person it just lured me right into it.  The rainy weather helped a lot to enhance the green color and make the earth and dry grass look kind of red which made a beautiful contrast for my pictures.

After exploring a little more I realised it was very late and they were probably waiting for me on the bus so I had to run on the rain (which I actually enjoyed) and got to the bus all soaked. Even if I'm not completely sure about when I visited Frejus and this date is only an estimate, I do remember the town and probably would want to visit again, if only for that amazing field with trees.

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photo by: tnj30806