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There's plenty to say about Monaco. Even If I visited for the first time during the first week of August I came back several time during the whole semester I spent in France, afterall it was about 1 hour-train-trip away. From all the times I went to Monaco there are four times that I remember the most:

  • The first one is obviously my first time there, there is plenty in Monaco to impress you. We traveled in group and the first you see is the Gare or train station, which is in my opinion one of very high standard. After that we got to see the city which has amazing views from almost everywhere you stop to take a picture. Monaco is probably the smallest city to have a Ferrari agency and of course we just have to take pictures of the cars in there.
    There are two main roads you can take in Monaco to get to the "Centre de Ville" which is the old fortified city of Monaco, these two roads I'm referring to are the opposite sides of the city, one will lead you trough the dock and the other one is through the city and if you go past the centre de ville, you'll eventually reach the Stade Louis II.
    In the centre de ville, I got to see aquatic museum, a very nice church of which I didn't enquire too much, a magnificent view from the highest point in the city and of course the Palace Museum. I was lucky enough (and later paid for it) to get to watch some guys throwing flags and doing some cool tricks with them. Or course, since I decided to stay and watch them I missed the train i was supposed to catch and had to take the next train home. In this next train we got to meet to guys from the UAE and one from Turkey, they all seemed very friendly once we got to talking, mostly about football and of course, traveling.


  • The second time I went to Monaco was just a few hours before we went to Paris(this was near the end of August, I guess). I knew it would be a long trip so I wanted to buy some post cards from there to write and send along the way. I clearly remember that even if i was getting sleepy and pehaps I did fall asleep for a while on the train, when I arrived to Monaco you could see it flooded by people because the European Super Cup match between Liverpool and CSKA Moscow was that day! There were supporters from both clubs chanting through the trainstation the British slightly more liquored up than the Russians but I really loved the ambient and the mood they were setting, too bad I couldn't stay for the match.


  • The third time I remember the most is also football related as some mates and I decided to go watch the Champions League match between Monaco and Betis.
    We were all hoping for a victory from the locals as that would mean we got to watch Champions League football during the semester. The first thing we realized is that our tickets had located us, somehow, exactly in the middle of the Betis supporters. We were wearing our Monaco jerseys that day! We had to remove them, stock them somewhere and join them as we were. The day was great as we eventually joined the Betis supporters in their chants (as we all speak spanish), but not in the joy of their teams victory.


  • The fourth time I remember the most is when I went, once again, on my own. The main reason i went there is because I wanted to buy another backpack (a Puma-Ferrari one) so I could take as a carry-on for my plane back to Mexico.
    I could have bought any backpack or anywhere else, but who wouldn't like to say "hey! it's from Monaco!". The reason I like to remember this day it's because as I was about to leave the trainstation i decided to look at the map once more so I could choose the quickest path to where I was going. At this point some very cocky guy was walking by with his asian-loking girlfriend. Then he came close to me and asked me in a decent French (as decent as mine, I guess) where was the Palace and I politely answered him that it was in the centre de ville, all the way to the top. But I couldn't just let him escape without using some of my sarcasm, so when he asked me where exactly were we I just reponded by saying "I think we are in here" and just pointed to humongously huge red dot wich said <<Vous ĂȘtes ici>>, or in english <<you are here>>.
Kikilia says:
Como le haces para escribir tan chido?! jajajaja Me agrado mucho Monaco esta bien chingon. Recuerdo una vez que me perdi o nos perdimos, bah no recuerdo si iba sola o no. El caso es que naas me fui caminando down hill hasta llegar al mar y de ahi me ubique.
Posted on: Apr 12, 2007
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