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This morning started a bit earlier as my youngest daughter had had an “accident”, which meant I spent most of the morning washing… Then the packing started and I had quite a bit of trouble fitting everything on the bikes again but got there in the end. We left around 11.30am on our way to Camping De Kleine Wolf just outside Ommen.


The route took us past Ommerschans and Witharen, and most of it was on bicycle paths which made it much easier and safer. It was getting quite warm, not a rain cloud in sight this time! Luckily there was quite a bit of shade from the trees we rode under so most of it was doable, Jordan even complained she was cold! (But then she’s not doing all the hard work is she!?)


I was quite surprised at the lack of places to sit down for a rest, on the first day there were picnic tables and benches everywhere and they were too wet to sit down at, and now that the weather was good there was hardly anything around! When we finally did see somewhere there was just a bench and no bin, which meant a lot of rubbish lying around.

Our cabin in the woods
Such a shame, as the spot it was in was very nice.


When we got to Ommen my navigation system took us the shortest route which meant right through the industrial area. Not the nicest thing to see in such a pretty town but we’ll go back and see the town properly.


Another couple (well, more like 5 actually) of kilometers down the road was where we found the campsite. It is HUGE compared to where we stayed last night. Plenty to see and do for the kids, that’s for sure! The cabins (three in total) are located amongst a lot of pine and oak trees which makes it a lot more private than the cabin we were staying in over the last couple of days.


As soon as we got inside and started unpacking a huge thunderstorm broke loose, the rain started pouring down.

Looking at a "Find the..." book with the neighbour's daughter
We hadn’t seen this coming at all, it all happened in a matter of seconds. It didn’t last long though, and not long after the sun was shining as strongly as it had before.


After unpacking we explored a little and got some basics at the shop on the campsite. The girls both had an ice cream and participated in a singing and dancing party in the “Jacob Katplein”, the main square in the centre of the shopping and restaurant area. I went back to the cabin to hang out some more washing and then sat outside reading for a while. When the girls came back we decided to go for a swim, there are a few swimming pools located on the campsite. Some are indoor and some outdoor, and there are pools suitable for all ages. There are also several slides. When you stay on the campsite you get tickets which gives you entry to the pools as often as you want. We spent about an hour trying out all the different pools and slides. Fortunately we were able to borrow swim bands for Jordan, another of the many items forgot to pack… Afterwards we had a nice FREE hot shower, which saved a few cents going in the toilet block later.


We then had a simple pasta dinner with some French bread and garlic butter. Then the girls just played with the neighbour’s kids until it was time to go to bed. (The neighbour is also a single mum with a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 5, and the kids hit it off straight away like most kids do, a big advantage of staying on a campsite!)


My friend Stefan had called to let me know he’d come and visit and he got there just as I was taking Jordan to bed. As Jordan hadn’t met him before she was stalling of course but that was to be expected. Then Reagan wanted some of his attention but we finally got a chance to sit down and chat. We had another late night visitor: a tiny mouse which had discovered the apple Reagan didn’t finish earlier. Of course when I got out my camera it disappeared… Stefan eventually left around midnight and we came across a couple of rabbits in the parking area. Again: no camera, so the kids wouldn’t believe me the next morning.

Biedjee says:
suddenly remembered I never finished reading your blog either. Oh, no, shame on me! :-)
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
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Our cabin in the woods
Our cabin in the woods
Looking at a Find the... book wi…
Looking at a "Find the..." book w…
photo by: pms70