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Wouldn't you know it, the lights on my bike both broke so I had to get some new ones. By law you have to have working lights on your bike in The Netherlands. So I got a new reflector for the back with a built in light which is battery operated, and a front light which also works on batteries. I thought it would be a simple job to replace the back light, unscrew the one that's on there and screw the new one on. Turned out it was not that easy... As I have a child seat and bicycle bags on the back of the bike I had to take everything off first to be able to reach the screws. As the child seat is padlocked on first thing to do was find the .... key to undo the padlock. That only took me ten minutes orso... Anyway, to make a long story short, I eventually got the light on, the front one was a little simpler so that was done in no time.

I had also bought a carrier for the front of my bike and I thought I would save some money and buy one to put it on myself instead of getting it done at a bike shop at an extra cost of 10 Euro. The instructions on the box probably would have worked if there were two people to do it but as there was only me... I found a much better way and after borrowing some tools from the neighbour as I couldn't find everything I needed in the three (!!!) toolboxes I own I got the carrier on. Then strapped on a crate and the bike is ready to go! Reagan also got new bicycle bags as her old ones were torn completely.

All that's left to do now is the packing! For six days I need:

Three sleepingbags, pillowcases and bottom sheets, pots and pans (only taking two), plates, cups and cutlery, clothes, towels (bought some microfibre ones), toiletries, first aid kit, bike repair kit, swimming and rain gear, some snacks, drinks and foodstuffs for the first day or two and lots of little odds and ends. It's going to be interesting to see whether it will all fit and how it's going to be riding the bike with all that weight on it!

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photo by: Stevie_Wes