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During the night there was a big storm that rolled in on to the coast, I thought I was going to get blown away into the sea it was that furious.
Today is going to be a wet day all the cattle had gone to the lower field and were nowhere to be seen:(
It was cold wet and windy and the sea was lashing up against the beach. I think it’s time to get a book out and  have a read while this whether passes over.( a brav new world by Aduls Huxley).

The weather had calmed and it was time for some food and to check up on the tents, I hope my bike did not blow over last night!

Not got much done today and everything was soaked even the cattle looked miserable for the rain.
I took a walk down to the beach and have a look at the waves, I could hardly stand up in the wind.
What a change from the day before, from sun to storm over night! The waves were crashing down hard, sending their spray high into the air. It was defiantly time to go back and warm up in front of the fire, good job I stored some wood in the tent over night over wise the fire would never been lit.

I sat down in the day tent with mum and Steve and we planned a trip to "tobermory" I would go in the car with them as It might be raining. After dinner the rain had eased and we went for a drive, Steve new the roads like the back of his hand and took us to some really nice spots. There were standing stones dotted around the island and we managed to find a few of these, good know how they got them into place some of them were about 10ft tall and about 5ft wide!

On the way back the sun decided to shine and Steve stopped the car and said look at that post and sure enough there was a sea eagle drying its self in the wind!!! I never thought that they were so big! just I got the camera out it flew away!! :(

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the seal that took the fish
the seal that took the fish
Isle of Mull
photo by: clairerich81