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Bike packed and ready to go

Today is the day that I pack everything on to my bike, I have got a long night ride in front of me to get to the first ferry! 380miles in fact.
This is the first fun part for my, well the giant jigsaw puzzle that it getting all my camping equipment on the bike.
The route to the isle of mull is a long journey, I will be going mostly by motorway until Glasgow then to the nice country roads.
I will not be stopping of the way there.

Now the bike is packed and all my last minute checks have been made it is time to go to meet my mum and Steve. They will be driving up this year as there getting on a bit and it is hard for them to ride there.
I get to Burnley and am greeted with a brew and a bit of food. We go though the route that we are going to take and buy any last things that we may need.

Its now 8pm and I have been up for a while already, right time to go!
The weather is being kind at the moment and really sunny, surprising for England.
It was not until I reached the part of the M6 that goes by the lake district that I then realise how far I have to go, Looking over the lakes and the sun is casting a bright orange glow, it won't be long before darkness settles. The view was amazing an I wish I could just reach into my bag and take a photo.

I as we reach the end of the lakes I decide to pull ahead and meet them at the next service station for a brew and a snack, As I wind the throttle on and wiz past them in the car, A camera flash!!! I thought dam that’s not good must have been a speed camera, As I ease of the throttle to assess what has just happened I can see my mum and Steve laughing in the car!! The buggers had taken a picture of my !! Thank god for that!

As we reach "Gretna" the views have suddenly changed, Mountains start to appear in the distance!
The air is crisp and I am a little cold, the night is going to be clear sky’s with a full moon.

Hours have passed And there is a long way still to go.

As we approach Glasgow the reminder of life hits me. The buildings and city center is full to the brim with concrete and lights. I was thinking to my self that I need to get some more fuel, as this is the last chance that I will get before "fortwilliam".

the view of the moon at "tarbet"
I hope the petrol station is open as it is now very late.We managed to get fuel and discuss the next route, In one direction a city and urban sprawl and in the other country side and mountain ranges!

As I am riding by the side of "loch Lomond" I can see the full moon dancing in the light, there are no words that can use to describe how nice it looks.

These little roads are great under slight tree cover with a lake that level with the road. An ideal road for a bike!
We now reach "tarbet" a little place neat the national park of "glen Coe" it just has a few house and a hotel and is very quiet, well it is midnight after all!

We were about to make a right turn to travel over the mountain ranges to get to "fort william" How ever the road was closed for maintenance, this would mean going around the cost, although not a bad thing for the view but it would now add about an hour on the trip. And fuel was getting low. As we drank coffee and had some food we planned the route around the cost. By now I was tried and cold but the night view was amazing to see.

Finally after some rather nice twists and turns that all bikers love "fort william" is here!!

My fuel light is on and so I stop near to the road we need and take on pictures of a boat in the loch the sun is now rising and looks so nice, my mum and Steve went further into the town to find a petrol station that is open. My phone goes and they have found one just 2 minutes down the road. Of I go to meet them, better get a petrol canister to make sure I can make it to the first ferry crossing!!

The first crossing is at a place called "corran" and the 1st ferry is at 7am and thats in a couple of hours, My mum and Steve know of a car park that overlooks the ferry terminal so we can see when it is there.

I have been up for about 14hours now and need some kip but the car is full and I would have to sleep outside, this was not going to happen so I got my stive out and made a few strong coffee's. Mum and steve got some sleep in the car about 2hours worth the lucky sod's.

As I made a brew and sat on a bench fighting of the insects  (midges’-they get every were and bite), I notice to fisher men. I go over to have a chat and it turns out that they were from Glasgow and were there for the weekend. They had been camping there and had got up early to get a good catch for the day.
Both really pleasant and suggested a few places to go (oban,fortwilliam,stirling,tobermory). I made a metal note and gave them a coffee.
There acent was a little hard to get my head round but I put that down to not sleeping.

At last the ferry was there time to wake them up and travel on ward.

It will be a few hours before we get to the next ferry crossing at "lochaline", the sun is out and is baking me in my leathers, going to be a good ride!

The roads on the island are challenging constantly twisting and turning going up and down, suppose I would liken it to being on a roler coster!

We arrive at lochine and the ferry is not here yet so it was time to get a butty from the shop, the good thing is that most of the ferry crossing points have a butty shop.
The boat in the loch while mum and Steve were look for a petrol station
Usually a little wooden hut with a toilet attached to the side.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my egg and bacon butty.

We got the ferry to "finshnish" which is a hut at the end of a road. best way to describe it really.
 Now its time to get to our final destination and set up the tents so that I can get a little shut eye!
on the way there we stopped of in "davaig" for fresh provisions, A nice place with a coffee shop, post office and some nice views.
Finally we get to the gate down to the beach, A little spot that Steve has been coming to for years.

The dirt track has been churned up by the cattle that we will be sharing the field with and made it hard to get the bike down, well worth the trouble though.

We pick our spots and get the tents up, Time for a few hours sleep! It has been almost 20hours that I have been awake for now and I am feeling it.

Vikram says:
Nice blog. I'll be keeping an eye for updates.
Posted on: May 10, 2009
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Bike packed and ready to go
Bike packed and ready to go
Bike packed and ready to go
Bike packed and ready to go
the view of the moon at tarbet
the view of the moon at "tarbet"
The boat in the loch while mum and…
The boat in the loch while mum an…
The boat in the loch while mum and…
The boat in the loch while mum an…
While waiting for the first ferry
While waiting for the first ferry
While waiting for the first ferry
While waiting for the first ferry
While waiting for the first ferry,…
While waiting for the first ferry…
On the way to the next ferry,
On the way to the next ferry,
On the way to the next ferry,
On the way to the next ferry,
A view of the mainland from the fe…
A view of the mainland from the f…
Isle of Mull
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