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Well - thanks universe, thanks for throwing me a curve ball! You would think that by now I would be used to the twists and turns of life. As a project manager, I still continue to live as though I actually have some sort of control over my destiny. Humph! Maybe one day I will get the hang of it all and just let go and let god.

So - since my last post, I have had a wonderful week of no work and lots of socialising. With days left in Aus now numbering less than 25, the pressure is on to finalise all my plans - not be dealing with a spanner in the works.

Thwarted at every post it seems; I have had a very interesting week. Although most of the bits and pieces I wanted to sell were dispursed via garage sale and friends, I am still in possession of the bigger pieces. No matter how much I get creative, it seems as though I must still keep these pieces. I have also been deterred from putting my car up for sale due to the incessant drizzle in Melbourne (after 3 years of drought!). The original plan was to detail the car last week and get it up on the web for sale but I did not want to have it ruined by driving in the rain.

I have also been in touch with my lovely host in Granada, Julia. She has updated me on the scene in Granada so it may be prudent for me to take a self defence course before I head off, noting that my home for the first 2 months in Spain will be in the Albaicin. Here's an edited exercpt . . . ."O I have been meaning to tell you. For many years the albaicin has been a common place for attacks but recently its been a little more worse..I dont know if its because ive been here longer and know more people and hear of more attacks but the fact is, there is a gang of young boys that attack people in the albaicin. They attack by strangulation until the victim passes out. It happened to a friend of mine the other day, an australian girl at 8 am..she didnt pass out and had a few seconds to know what was about to happen..." 

It is certainly not the news I wanted to hear but I always say forewarned is forearmed! My romantic view of Granada will not be smashed and it certainly will not deter me from going. I have been in many scary situations the world over so this news is no shock. Just more preparation. And I promised that I would not sanitise the blog this time so you are all getting the warts and all version of my adventures. Of course, some bits may be left out to protect the innocent (jajajaja).

With many friends in Melbourne wanting to catch up before I leave, I was absolutely honoured and blown away when I was invited to a Greek dinner in my honour by my friend Tina and her family. I spent a fun and love-filled Friday night with her mum and dad, two gorgeous sisters and neice. On arrival, I was greeted with a table literaly groaning with home cooked Greek delicacies. Mum and daughter Mary had been up late the night before cooking desserts and pastries for me. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful caring people in my life and as Melbourne is the second biggest 'Greek' city in the world, it seemed very fitting for a farewewll feast. Thank you so much to the family and also to 4 year old Marika who had us rolling on the floor with laughter at her 'creative' dancing and scarily innocent comments (out of the mouths of babes). Armed with an enormous plate of leftovers, I was sent home with the biggest smile and and an even bigger blessing for the Tsourekis family. 

This weekend, I have had time to contemplate the slightly altered direction I am being pointed in. Maybe I will not sell the car, maybe I will not rent the house for 12 months, maybe I will not be gone forever - the only thing I know for sure is that the universe moves in mysterous ways. It is not for me to question any change in movement. I am totally open to the flow right now. I have let go of so much already and I am completey at peace to let go of my project plan completely. The only thing I know for sure is that I am going to Spain.

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photo by: jendara