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How do I say thank-you to the little soul who has shared my life for 16 years? My beautiful Burmese cat Sumi passed away in my arms yesterday after suffering from bowel cancer for several weeks. She was a brave little girl and I know she wanted to spend her last breaths in my arms rather than at the vet as planned.

I had the luxury of being home all day and able to take care of her needs with no other distractions. As the universe dictated, Chichi (my other lovely creature) was at the vet having some teeth extracted yesterday so Sumi and I were alone.
As the day wore on, Sumi became weaker and weaker until she could no longer walk and just wanted to be held. I made an appointment for 5.00pm with the vet and let Paul know so he could drive us there.

By mid afternoon, she was deteriorating rapidly so I called Paul (between sobs) to come home quickly. I rocked my Sumi and gently wiped her mouth as she became weaker and weaker. She turned her pretty face to me and with wide eyes, she looked up at me. I could feel her thanking me for the many experiences we shared. She was saying goodbye in the only way she knew. Her black eyes held so much emotion and I felt her rapidly beating heart slip into nothingness. She was gone.
By the time Paul arrived, I was a sobbing mess, still holding her limp warm body close to me. What a hole will be left in my world but what magical memories I have of her, to take to Spain. God bless, my beautiful Sumi - go with grace.

And so the planning has been a little slow this week. Still a load of chores to get through, one of them being to sell my car (Nissan 350Z Roadster). 'Carrie' has been a fun vehicle for me and fulfilled a lifelong dream to have a convertible. I love to drive with the wind in my hair! In winter, I would put the heated seats on, crank up the heater, take off the roof and fly off down the road rugged up in scarf and beanie. So today, she is being detailed in readiness for the final photos so I can let the world know she is available. A driver's car and not for the faint-hearted, I hope she finds a new owner who will care for her as much as I have done.

I am also at the point now where everything has been packed except the wardrobe (no mean feat). I have put aside the clothes I would like to take with me and on inspection it looks like I will be taking about 80kg with me! That will never do. I have to go through 2 or three culling sessions and try to get it down to a manageable 40kg. After all, the whole idea of moving to Spain is to downsize my life - that includes clothes.

The other big news is that I have 'crossed over'!! Yes, I am now an Apple convert with my new whizz bang 13" Macbook. I can see me now - sitting in a little cafe (wifi enabled) and Skyping all and sundry with tales of Granada. It is now within my grasp - a new life in Spain.

New relationships are getting closer and some old relationships are ending. Thank you Sumi, for the lesson of zen. You will be missed and always remembered.
marksreynolds says:
So sad (tears in my eyes) yet I'm sure she lead a good, happy long life...RIP Sumi :(
Posted on: Mar 13, 2010
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