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I have spent the final 'working' week getting to and from the city by tram - as usual. This week I tossed the usual Spanish tracks on the ipod for some podcasts from a great radio show called  Coast to Coast Am. The guests are experts in many firlds and I lean towards the metaphysicists and those who speak the truth about the economy rather than the 'mainstream press' version we are fed daily and blindly believe.

OK - where is this going. Well, I am particularly fond of a regular guest by the name of James van Praagh. Late this week I was listening to him talk about some of his psychic experiences. He was saying that most people lead a 'shoulda, coulda woulda' life and spend a lot of time worrying about what 'could' happen. They are 'stuck' and unable to move.

His experience of information received from spirit that has passed ,is that most people regret not having lived their life to the fullest and also regret not mending broken bridges. It was a gentle prod for me to keep believing in my path in the face of an ever growing mountain of resistence.

What resistence? huh - where do I start? I have been on a 'full steam ahead' project mission for the past few months to get the bulk of my possessions sold and out of my house. It has seemed like every path has led me to a dead end and after private sales (2), ebay, garage sales (3) and a fair go at local internet sales sites I still have a house load of large furniture to dispose of! (and many tales to tell of internet scams and tyre kickers!). After day 2 of the garage sale today, I was totally exhausted and although many lovely people came and bought nic nacs, I still have loads to shift tomorrow morning.

My body is aching, cheeks are hot and flushed and my head feels like it needs to sleep for 20 hours. I have hit the wall and if it was not for my beautiful friends Andrea and Paul, I would never have made it through the day. [as an aside - and a tribute to Paul and Andrea who got me through an emotional dinner at the local Thai last night. I have to mention that I fell apart in tears of frustration and sadness and followed that up by laughing until I was crying at the news of Paul's first ebay name 'shoppatiludroppa' The energy between the three of us was simply gorgeous]

Once we returned from breakfast, I then had to clean the house from top to bottom in readiness or yet another 'open house'. My darling cats Sumi and Chichi were bundled across to the neighbours courtyard for 20 minutes while strangers wandered through my home. I feel totally exposed at the moment with little private space and my entire life open to the public. I never really thought about this side of it when I decided to sell my life! On top of ths, I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that Sumi is now so unwell, I will most likely have to say a final goodbye before I leave.

To make matters a little worse, the only group who put in a rental application for my gorgeous home looked like extras from the movie 'Porkys' (3 unshaven, unclean lads who were wearing those disgusting 'nappy' jeans hanging around mid-thigh). Spare me, pleeeeeease.

There was a bright spot on the day though. Maybe the best way to explain it is to set the scene and then give you some of the message I received.

A lovely guy came to the garage sale early this morning and after asking what the bolsters were for (a real bloke then), I showed him the couch for sale. He duly measured it up and we started a conversation about my big move. It happens that he has also lived in Spain for some time and returned to Aus after many an adventure. Such a cutie, I thought. After he had left (promising to call me if the couch would fit his appartment), Andrea and I compared notes and both decided he was extremely dateable!

Thirty minutes later I received a text  "buenos dias grace. I'll make you a cheeky offer on the couch and you can get back to me when you get a chance. $xxx and dinner at Movida any night you choose this week. I'd be really interested to hear about your plans. Good luck with the g sale."

Now - any man who offers me dinner at my FAVOURITE Spanish restaurant in Melbourne is onto a winner. About the 'cheeky' offer for the couch though . . . .more negotiation required.

So perhaps it's time to finish this on a high note. Regardless of everything in my path at the moment, I know I will never be a shoulda coulda woulda type of person! (and neither should you be . . . .)

Oh - and PS

I am now retired !!! Sleeping in on Monday is definitely on the cards.

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