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It gets real when you see your posessions being marched out of your home.

I had chosen the date of Friday 7th May to start the sale process. I sent out an email to everyone in my address book (in Melbourne) and asked them to forward to their friends who might be interested. Friday 7th May was the 'girls night' when I sold my clothes, accessories and shoes (50 pairs of size 41 shoes to get rid of is no mean feat!). To complicate matters a little, I had my knee operation on the 30th April and was still in recovery mode after an Arthroscope (scraping of the knee cap and removing some bone for the tibia) and release (cut!) of the lateral ligament.

As a 'contractor' I was denied the option of working from home and therefore my choice was to either take leave (no pay) or get myself into work and function as best as I could. I chose the latter and all last week I hopped, hobbled and generally made the best of it to get through the week. The swelling was not a good sign and I should have taken more notice of the pain but I was on a mission! There were clothes to sell on Friday night.

Friends came and went during the week to help me prepare. I was about to place a stunning purple kimono in the sale and made a remark to my friend Lisa 'this is the only thing my father ever bought for me on his own'. She stopped me in my tracks when she said - "well, you can't sell it then". I was so grateful she was there. Lisa's father is currently gravely ill and her perspective was a gift to me. The purple kimono will be heading to Spain as my dressing gown, along with a small quilt of my mothers.

On Friday morning, after being up late pricing and shuffling things between rooms, I had a meltdown. I fell into a sobbing pathetic mess, wondering what I was doing and why. Everything I had felt so sure about 24 hours earlier now made little sense to me and I felt the weight of my 28 years in Melbourne crushing me. Was it the weight of my 'possessions' or the weight of the memories - both good and bad. Perhaps all memories are good as they all form part of the life quilt that makes us interesting. After about an hour of searching for peace, the dark emotions suddenly lifted and I felt lighter than ever. The clothes sale WAS the beginning of me 'selling my life' and I had come to terms with it. From this point on I would be able to let go and let the flow of life take me on my journey. I know I have made the right decision and the experiences to come will add to my quilt. How funny, the things I really can't sell are the quilts my mum has made for me over the years. They are worth more to me than all of my other 'stuff'.

So I finished my working day at 5.00pm and by 6.00 the girls started to arrive. It was a great night; champagne in hand, small groups either trying on clothes, chatting about my impending adventure or making new friends. I sold quite a lot of my wardrobe but there is still a lot more to go. I am in the swing of it now and can truthfully say that letting go gets easier the more you do it.

By 10.0pm I had hit the wall though. I had wonderful help from my friends Kym, Sue and Lisa and thank them from the bottom of my heart. By the time I woke Saturday morning I was spent! headache, stiff body, swollen painful knee and two cats with flu!

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photo by: jendara