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Have you ever felt as though your brain has had a short-circuit and parts of it no longer function as normal? This is the story of my past week. I think the last few months have taken their toll, especially losing Sumi.

Last minute jobs have spawned babies and now there are a plethora (love that word) of new tasks to complete before I can leave this place. I have spoken to so many call centre folk in India this week that I have started to bob my head and say with a convincing Indian accent 'I am unable to help you, madam'
It's all part of the fun and adventure of shutting down one life and beginning a new one.

Another interesting event this week - in preparation for the new life was a trip to the hairdresser. My lovely stylist had offered me a free cut and colour so I gladly accepted the generous offer. The only problem was that I inevitably ended up with the colour I asked NOT to have. I have attempted to find a colourist for the past 3 years who can give me caramel coloured locks. Nothing too difficult in that you might say?? Well, for some reason, a 'redhead' request always ends up with (literally) RED hair. In the light, I now have hair the colour of a strawberry. My only hope is the hot hot hot Spanish sun and the fading properties of hair dye.
Perhaps I will have better luck explaining golden caramel locks to a Spanish hairdresser.

28 June - Dukes cafe, Chapel St
I never realised just how many ties I have accumulated by staying in one place! It started with the clean-out of all my cupboards, then the visit to the accountant, and finally the last good-byes to friends. Today will be a simultaneously fun and sad day. It is the day of my farewell party and I have sent out email invitations to everyone I have had the privilege to meet and learn from during my life in Melbourne. I do not know who will be there or what emotions will surface.

Today I woke with a flare-up of this chest cold and thought that the universe was just encouraging me to take it easy today, slow down, relax, build up steam for tonight.
But, now I have fuelled my day with the first latte, I think that perhaps the dis-ease is a reflection of how my recent time in Melbourne has become more and more ‘restless’. I have not been at ease for some time. I have known that I needed to do something very big and very brave to get myself out of the ‘flat-line’ that had become my life.

For most people that may have been a new job or a move to a new suburb, or even a new lover. For me, it meant that I had to break down everything that defined me in Melbourne and start from scratch again. So here I am, a few days away from leaping onto the Singapore Airlines flight to Barcelona and Sevilla, right in the middle of a serious dose of ‘dis-ease’. It is all perfect and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

If you choose the path of a brave warrior you must also choose to love and embrace change. As much as I have to wake up every day and live like a brave warrior, it is also a daily choice to be ‘brave’. It is not a natural phenomenon. There have been days when my first thought was - “I can’t do it any more, I am spent” and then I realise that I an unable to give up. It is in my genes to keep going, sometimes at the expense of my physical body. Regardless, I hope that a spark of inspiration may help someone else out of their ‘flat-line’ life and open up the doors to a more passionate life.
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photo by: jendara