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I can't believe that I have lived in Melbourne for 28 years! Even though I have had many 'moves' in that time I have managed to accumulate a hell of a lot of 'stuff'. I am only realising this now as I empty my cupboards in their entirety for the 'selling my life' sale on this weekend.

What would I do without mum? She is back from NZ to help me not only recover from my knee surgery but to be there for me as I label, stack, group, ponder and price my 'stuff'. Although my house now looks like the aftermath of a police raid, I think there is some method to it.

I have fully resigned myself to letting go and with the passing days this week I have felt lighter and lighter as each cupboard is emptied of its contents. All the trinkets and teasures I lovingly hauled back from exotic overseas trips are now on display with little white price tags. I remember lacing the rattan fish trap from Cambodia to my backpack, hoping Australian customs would not confiscate it at the airport. I always envisaged I would turn it into an outdoor lamp shade like the one I saw in the cafe in Battambang! Or the cute sandalwood burner from Emirates that I was planning on using daily to freshen my house. What about the Indian wooden fabric printing blocks I was going to use to make my own fabric and the gorgeous polished redwood Chinese rice bowl that used to hold my socks? I've just spied the hand-woven Burmese tapestry made by an old woman from the Chin tribe. I actually bought it from her 'backyard' after bicycling through the jungle with my young Burmese 'guide'. How many more 'good ideas at the time' will become someone else's treasures this weekend?

And on top of all this activity, my two lovely Burmese are sick with 'cat cold' and in dire need of follow up dental surgery in the next few weeks. I can see the vet rubbing his hands in glee ($$$$). Perhaps 'the girls' are sensing the imminent move and think that a few trips to the vet might preclude me from being able to afford to leave. Close, but no cigar, ladies! There is no stopping me now although it will be a wrench to leave my two beautiful feline souls. They have been a joy to me over the years and shared all the ups and downs of relationships, travel adventures (vicariously) and work traumas.  I just do not understand people who do not love animals. I believe animals are mirrors of ourselves.

This afternoon I sent out text messages to everyone in my phone, asking that they spread the word. It is better that my life is sold for peanuts and goes to friends of friends of friends than dumping it at the 'op' shop. Although I do have a potential plan B (more about that later). So - the next two days will be interesting as I put up for sale - 1 life and thousands of memories.

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photo by: jendara