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My parents are gorgeous!

They heard about my plans, went into shock for a month and then surfaced and decided to fly from New Zealand to see if they could help me with my project (I get the 'project' gene from my dad).

It was just before Easter when they arrived and I had not seen them for 18 months so I was very excited to have them visit. In their seventies, they contend with aches and pains now so I did not want to have them spend their entire visit working on my house. My dad is a retired builder and every visit in the past he has laboured for me: building a deck, adding an Asian influence to my courtyard and general home maintenance.

My home is lovely and it has been an emotional wrench to decide to rent it but I don't think that I will ever live here again. By letting go and renting it, I am able to cover costs and start a completely separate life in Spain.

It needed a bit of TLC so  the list of 'jobs' for dad was minimal. He did, however, manage to find a few others to add to the list and made use of the days when I was at work. So everything is ready now: all the doors shut properly, the floor boards are perfect, new filters in the 'filtered water' tap, balcony deck fixed and repainted, tree roots removed from beneath courtyard pavers and olive trees pruned and fed.

Thanks mum and dad! I had such a lovely time with you both and have happy memories of the opera, morning tea with Mish, dinners at the Korean, introducing you to Spanish Churros, the NICA circus show, Cirque de Soleil and many many coffees in Chapel St cafes.

Spain: The job?  While researching opportunities for work (sans visa) in Spain I had come to the conclusion that I could teach english. If Spain does not work, that places me in a position to go elsewhere to teach. So I began researching Teaching English as a Foreign Language' (TESL, TEFL, CELTA) courses in Spain. Where, when, how?

Last year, I was in Seville a couple of times and really felt comfortable in the 'city' atmosphere. It is still small enough to get around (pop 900,000) without needing a car but big enough for work opportunities. My 'Knights of Santiago' ( http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/30699/Knights-of-Santiago-Orense-25 ) live there so at least I will have someone to call if I need assistance. The other big plus is the weather. My research tells me that the coldest it ever gets in winter is 15C. That'll do me! The 'logical' me was making this plan.

I set up a spreadsheet and gathered info on the schools in Seville, Granada and Cadiz (all in the South). I had also spent 5 days in Granada ( http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/30699/Two-kinds-of-Moorish-Granada-37 ) enjoying the Moorish architecture and relaxed town-like atmosphere (pop 300,000).

At this point, I was presuming I would study and locate to Seville. A week ago I sent an email to a lovely girl I had met in Granada in 2008.  While sitting on a bench in a cute little plaza, we had struck up a conversation and swapped email addresses. Julia was teaching English (privately) after saying goodbye to corporate work in Syndey. She absolutely loved her new life in Granada.

In responding to my email she said that if I studied in Granada she could help me get started and potentially I could rent her bedsit while she went on holidays in July and August. Call it synchronicity? It was perfect timing and although a twist in my project plan, I trust that I am being guided now. So, Granada here I come.

House now listed on the internet, flight booked for 1st July, and TESL course in Granada soon to be booked. I will finish working at the end of this month leaving 4 weeks to tie up loose ends and make my goodbyes. Still a lot to do on the home front but everything is moving at warp speed now.

Look, listen and let go. Be on the lookout for synchronicity, listen to your intuition and let go of your plans. Sometimes the universe knows best.

Africancrab says:
Wow! I have never had to plan moves, many times life just happened and I found myself in a place and had to start from there. You indeed are a project manager, I can tell from your writing that your organizational and managements skills are to contend with. Well done yet again, I feel like I landed on a great book to read. Thanks again for sharing.
Posted on: Mar 13, 2010
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