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Is it true that 'things happen in threes' ?

The past week has certainly been like that! Still in the process of unburdoning myself of possessions, I decided to sell some of the bigger pieces of furniture on a classified site (local). All well and good!

I have mentioned before that both of my gorgeous cats (still affectionately called 'kittens' or 'the girls') were recovereing form the cat flu. One of them, Sumi, had shown some disturbing symptoms and I decided to take her to the vet on Tuesday morning. It was an agonising wait to hear back and the news was not good. The dreaded 'C' word. Not surprisingly, my day fell apart from there and I had to re-group and decide how to deal with this news amongst the current chaos in my physical world.

My girls have been with me for 16 years and are definitely part of my life. It was going to be difficult enough seeing them adopted to the lovely Paul but knowing how unwell Sumi is adds another layer of sadness. I just want to ensure her last days are as pain free and filled with love as possible.

At the same time I was carefully monitoring the classified site to see how my furniture was doing! Received two prompt emails from a buyer (yahoo address) saying they would pay above the requested price to secure the items! Wow, how good is this. Further communication requested that I have a Paypal account so I duly organised that and did all the faffing around to confirm bank account etc. I was a bit suspect at this point but thought that this buyer may not be picking up in person and could not COD. I thought - as long as the money is in the Paypal account, I can't go wrong.

More emails - a little vague about how the furniture was to be picked up and in every reply no name was used, none of my questions were answered and the person did not call me (their excuse was that they were working and could not make calls).

Today I received an email from Paypal confirming the payment but there was an extra amount for shipping - rather excessive I thought. My alarm bells started to ring much more loudly now. The buyer then sent an email to ask me to pay the shipping amount via Western Union on their behalf as they were unfortunately on board a ship and unable to do it!

They also added that the payment would not show up on PAYPAL as they had sent an email to PAYPAL advising them to wait for me to pay shipping first. Very convoluted and highly creative (are you getting loud ringing in your ears now).

This was the last straw and I duly checked my PAYPAL account to find no such deposit. I googled scams and found that Western Union is used often as it is not traceable. Enough already! I reported to PAYPAL (who will most likely do nothing), blocked the sender and deleted all emails.

So after this eventful week so far, I await with baited breath for number three . . .

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photo by: jendara