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Weeks are now flying by and the jobs are getting ticked off in quick succession. Phew, I am finally flowing the same direction as the stream rather than ploughing the opposite direction like a salmon in spawning season.

A BIG session with my brilliant accountant this week and it now feels like things are getting sorted out. Aaaahhhh, a simple life is getting closer and closer. No more GST, PAYG, complicated self-managed super funds. Who can remember the simplicity of being paid in cash and then purchasing everything in cash. Just a home phone bill, electricity and gas! What has happened to our lives?

I can remember every time I would return home from a trip to some adventurous destination like the wild West of Burma, Southern Laos or Central Cambodia, I took it on myself to simplify my life. I would systematically cancel silly insurances, close extraneous bank accounts, clean out cupboards and recycle as much as possible. And a year later I would always be back where I started! 

The style of life in Asia always seemed to resonate with me. I could sit for hours watching the cycle of life - perhaps an early morning fisherman casting his net for an hour or two to provide a basket of fish just plentiful enough to supply a day's needs for the extended family. His wife would collect vegetables from the land around their simple thatched home, and the older kids would care for the little ones. The rest of the day would be shared with the community: maybe fixing nets, repairing homes or just chatting in groups. Simple meals, plenty of love and time to be human! It was the silence that always drew me into their worlds.

There is no need for the constant bombardment with marketing messages, music, movies, phone rings and ipods when you have simplicity. Perhaps that is why I took to being a 'pilgrim' with such a natural exuberance. The silent meditation of walking alone in nature is the closest to bliss I can be. The more I walked in Spain, the more I became happy with my 'self'. I wonder if I will be able to get back to a sense of that again when I actually live there. I am under no illusion that I will be having trials and tribulations just as I do in my life in the big city, but I am committing to maintaining as simple a life as I can.

I have already started to slow my self down and 'do' less so I can 'be' more. The panic to get everything completed has subsided and I have more clarity. This is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and where I am supposed to be. I love my life and I love my friends. Thank you to everyone who is committed to supporting my move. I hope a little of my 'being' will rub off some of your manic 'doing' as well!


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photo by: jendara