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So - how is it that at 11.10 am Tuesday 7th July I find myself sitting in the VIP lounge of the brand new Barcelona airport (on it's 17th day after opening) ?

Well, in true Gracebook fashion, not all went to plan with my flight to Sevilla.

The first leg was easy - Melbourne to Singapore - only about 7 hours (3 movies worth) and a typical airplane meal of carbohydrate and caffeine. After a short 1 and a half hour stop in Singapore, it was on to another plane, another seat and another 15 hours to Milan.

I sat next to a lovely couple from Brisbane heading to Barcelona and then onward to Granada. They may end up meeting me again while they are there for the weekend.

Singapore Airlines staff were a carbon copy of those on the previous flight. The 'Singapore Smile' glued effortlessly to their heavily made up faces and Asian efficiency at its best! The only problem is that they are like mindless clones. For example, if they are doing a 'run' to collect hand towels and you hand them an empty cup, they robotically ignore your silent request and continue to collect the damn hand towels. Then, If you ask for a tea when they are collecting empty cups, they look blankly into space and pretend they did not hear you! And so on . . .

In all honesty though, a couple of them were truly human and personable. They made up for the rest.

So in Milan, the remaining passengers who did not disembark (myself included) were instructed to remain on board and have our boarding pass ready and our hand luggage ready to identify. An hour went by, the cleaners came and went, we were handed transit cards but never left the plane and we were never asked for our boarding pass. At least the doors were open for some fresh air.

What was supposed to be a 1 hour stop to refuel for the short flight to Barcelona turned into a 2 and a half hour wait on the tarmac in pouring rain. No food, no hot drinks (although I did manage to charm a tea from one of the human stewards!).

At the 2 hour point I knew I would not make my connection to Sevilla and began to worry that my lovely friend Eduardo would be left waiting for me at the airport, blissfully (or not) unaware that I was stranded in transit! My new friends from Qld let me use their mobile (illegally of course) to text Edu and I just hoped that he received and understood my cryptic message. At that stage I had no idea when and if I could get into and out of Barcelona for Sevilla today.

Nothing more to do but relax. Finally we took off and a short while later landed in overcast sultry Barcelona. I had taken only 2 steps out of the plane when a gorgeous Spanish man approached me asking "Miss Bennett?'. How is this possible? How did he pick my face from the 50 or so exiting ? Anyway, he explained that the airline had already rebooked me to Seville later today (6 hours wait), my bags would be taken care of and I would be able to spend my time waiting in the brand new VIP ;lounge for Spanair. Woo-hoo, there is a god of flying (and handsome Spanish men called Daniel).

So after a personal escort by one of his charges through the shiny new (empty) corridors to x-ray my hand luggage and return to Transit, I again met up with my new 'besty' Daniel. After allowing me to call Edu on his mobile to explain the new flight arrangements, he escorted me through customs control (like the VIP that I am) and up to the lounge which is where I sit. So six hours here is not too bad. Food, wine, coffee, comfy lounges, shower and the best part of all - peace!

I can leave my hand luggage and wander the shops if I need an adventure. Daniel has already informed me that the sales are amazing at the moment. In many places, 50% or more off. He could have been a potential shopping buddy in my former life but not any more. After handing me his business card and asking me to call when I am transiting Barcelona again (more VIP treats), he left me to my devices.

I have 15 minutes free internet so have typed this up first in the hope that I can get it loaded to the blog site. There are a few people wondering where I am so this may satisfy you all.

On the table in front of me is my first chilled glass of Cava (bubbly), a dish of giant olives and potato chips made with olive oil. I have suddenly realised that I am HOME!
globalodyssey says:
i believe that the information needed to continue a journey is imbedded in the journey, so that as you move along you find what you need....
a brave soul indeed
thanks for putting this out
Posted on: Jul 10, 2009
almond72 says:
Lucky you !, Right place & right timing
Posted on: Jul 07, 2009
ratu says:
Good luck on your new life!!

Posted on: Jul 07, 2009
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