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One of the things in life that I am most proud of is knowing when I should make new choices if life is not serving me. I must admit that many of my choices have not been great! But - I have always had the fortitude to quickly make another choice and change direction again.

Last year (2008) I spent 3 months wandering Spain, seven weeks of that was spent walking from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostella on an ancient pilgrimage route. (see ). It was my second Spanish pilgrimage, and this one affected me significantly.

Returning to Melbourne was exciting at first - bouyed by my adventures and tales of gorgeous Spanish men! As the months passed I succombed to the 'big city syndrome' once again. WIth the economy slowing and contractors the first to be dumped, it took me three months to finally get another contract. How strange - or was it fortuitous? to end up working back at the largest telco in Australia. My friends who know me will say that I am not suited to the rat race. I am always searching for the next far flung destination to exercise my courage. How is it that I end up back on the 'wheel'? well, does the word MORTGAGE ring a bell? Feeling tied to the financial burdon, I have felt that it is necessary to have a well-paid job to get the albatross, I mean mortgage, off my back. Endless months of earning money to support the finance company's interest payments was wearing me down. Every week the money would be transferred to my home loan and every month the loan company, insurances, taxes, bills and living expenses would come out. I was struggling and miserable.

Two of my gorgeous girlfriends have already pulled the pin on this life and headed off to follow their dreams. Firstly Nicky moving to South Africa to work on game parks and then Sheralyn who relocated to Milan to pursue her dream of all things Italian. In my heart, the first time I journeyed to Spain, I felt drawn. When asked why I love it so much I quickly answer "the lifestyle". It is a sense of community and a simpler way of viewing the structure of life. First comes family, then sustenance and finally a job. It seems to be the reverse in my world in Melbourne.

I was feeling 'itchy and scratchy', as though I did not fit any more. Spain would be an obvious choice but my mind was bringing up all the reasons why it would be difficult: too far from my parents, I do not speak the language, I do not have a visa, I cannot afford to leave my house, the recession has hit Spain terribly, I know no-one there, they drive on the other side of the road etc etc blah blah. Underneath all the excuses was a driving passion to follow my dream - all it would take was action.

One evening I was chatting to Nicky on Skype as she was recuperating from a serious back operation. She reminded me of her story - how she sold everything and jumped on a plane to Africa with no more than 2 bags and a big dream. Now she has a gorgeous partner, six-year old son, felxible job and crazy fun life in a small community in Africa. She is living her dream - some days are tough but she will never say "I wish I had".

In that conversation, I found all my negativity melting away. My inner protests were replaced by the return of my mojo and I made the choice in that moment to follow MY dream and start taking action towards it. I truly believe that the universe will support any choice made out of love. Since the second I made the choice, I have had so much love and support for this new adventure. I will continue to blog until I get set up in Spain - there are so many obstacles and emotions involved and I want to encourage anyone who may have a dream to follow that with action.

What's the worst that can happen??  Just make another choice.

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