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The new dyke on the wadden side

Long ago I spent a series of holidays on Terschelling, the 3rd island in the north of Holland.

This year, instead of giving her yet another gift, I gave my wife roses, and  I took her to visit Terschelling.

I booked a "Salty Sea" arrangement thru the VVV (Tourist information )


The trip on the ferry.

The ferries to the island leave from Harlingen harbour. They are fast (pedestrians only) or slower (car ferry) but not as slow as I remember from in the old days:).

A lonely path into nature (Boschplaat)
On board there is a restaurant and a bar. Waiting times were short, but remember we were out of season.


Our B&B.

We booked our stay in a B&B, in Midsland.

It has a few rooms that are not very big, we stayed in the largest room with shower and toilet. For the guests, there is a large lobby/breakfast room where you can spend a quiet evening, as there is no television (imagine a group of people, volume high, nobody watching, but changing the channel?)

Staff is friendly, beds and breakfast are good, free wireless lan is available.

The owners built 2 guest houses in their large garden for self catering guests.

Crossing the dunes by foot
They will be equipped with a TVset in their own living room.


Terschelling has changed during the 35 years I haven't been there: big campings, new houses, a modern dyke on the side of the wadden.

But it also stayed much the same: the nature on the west part, the Boschplaat and the splendid beaches.

The best way of finding your way on this island is by bike, it has some very nice bike-paths. You can pedal around the island in one day and have more than enough time to do shopping and have a drink in one (or more) of the pubs you will come across.

Tip: It is tempting to take one bike each, but try a tandem. With less effort (and pain for those who do not often ride a bike) you will be able to go further and be able to have a social chat without shouting.

We had a long walk along the beach.

Lonely beach, beautiful sand
It was dry and sunny (not warm as it was February) and a bit windy, but we had the beach for our own and found some interesting shells. We came upon a few blocarts, man how fast did they go! This I (we?) will be doing next time we visit some beach. see: 



There are lots of restaurants, and we were there only for trhee nights.

We stayed close to our B&B, and found a Mexican steakhouse "El Leon Rojo". Good staff, good and fresh food! (the guests from neighbouring hotel like eating here) and enough to choose from the menu to eat here for two weeks without having the same dish.

The other night, we ate at "onder de pannen" http://www. Often the owner will sing himself. He has a lot of fans, but others warned us to be finished before he would sing. We were early, and finished early, so I can give no advice on this:)

Our last night we had diner at a pub with good food, special little compartments for small parties and a grand pool table.

We had good food in all these places for a reasonable price.


I am well aware that islands are difficult to reach, when you are visiting from abroad, but the effort pays off! 

The websites are for illustration, but I find them not to be so international as I would like them to be.


Disclaimer on the title. Terschelling is locally called Schylge, pronounced Sceel-ge. I heard this and among friends we called it like this, but I never saw it in writing. So I thought it to be written Skylge only to find out it is spellt differently this year.


I hope this travelblog is useful. Have you got questions, send me a note and i will try to answer and update if necessary.





huibdos says:
Hessel staat op de lijst voor de volgende keer:)
Je moet realistich blijven, je kan niet alles doen in 4 dagen.
Posted on: Aug 23, 2009
almelovakr says:
Nog naar Hessel van Hessel geweest? :)
Posted on: Aug 23, 2009
Petra2111 says:
Prachtig!! Hoop ook ooit es naar Terschelling te gaan. En de andere eilanden. Ben alleen nog maar op Schiermonnikoog geweest, was ook prachtig!!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2009
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The new dyke on the wadden side
The new dyke on the wadden side
A lonely path into nature (Boschpl…
A lonely path into nature (Boschp…
Crossing the dunes by foot
Crossing the dunes by foot
Lonely beach, beautiful sand
Lonely beach, beautiful sand
I have seen more of these on Tersc…
I have seen more of these on Ters…
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