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"The traveller is always leaving town.
he never has the time to turn around."

Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) - Alan Parsons Project

Getting up at half past six I didn't feel like I actually slept last night. Well, maybe it would help me to be tired enough later today to get some sleep in the airplane and get into the Asian rhythm. At eight my dad picked me up to drop me off at the train station and after changing trains in Den Bosch I was reunited with Ad and Mieke for our third journey together. A quarter to eleven our train pulled into Schiphol and Paul joined us at the check-in desk little less than half an hour later. Compared to the last time Paul and I travelled to Ladakh, Schiphol almost seemed deserted and there was no queue worth mentioning.

Since I had checked in online the evening before there was little time to kill before we were boarding. In the end we needed all of our minutes since Paul and I ran into some misfortune while attempting to get dollars from an ATM. The machine seemingly withdrawal the amounts from our accounts but did not have actual bills to dispend. This resulted in the both of us having to fill out complaint forms to have our money returned from ABN-Amro bank. What's more, we had to withdraw money for a second time. Let's hope this all works out and isn't some scam to compensate for the credit crunch. ;-) There was no time left for shopping. Fortunately Mieke had dropped by the duty-free shop in the meantime and bought me two bottles of Drambuie (standard travel equipment!), which she gave me as a token of appreciation from the three of them for organizing the trip. They did however demand to drink at least part of the liquor sometime soon.

Our flight with Eva Airlines departed with a short 15 minute delay. The stewardess welcomed us to the 'aircwaft', which is no typo and gave me a serious Monthy Python moment (welease wodger!). I had booked us 'Elite class' for a very reasonable premium price. This turned out to be an excellent decision because we got spacey seats and a lot of leg room. Food was good but unfortunately, by the time I had figured out where the remote control of my TV screen was hidden the first movie had already started. So instead I decided to start in the novel I had bought for this trip, Jef Geeraerts 'The Ambassador', a story about a devilish ambassador stationed in Laos' Luang Prabang.

The only second movie that was of any interest was Pixar's new blockbuster 'Up'. After watching it for 5 minutes I decided that a small screen and inferior sound was not the best way to experience it. Instead I took some melatonine and tried to catch some sleep.

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photo by: Deats