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i first flew into Vancouver to change planes then i got on a plane to Dallas, Texas, then finally i got onto a plane to Miami, the flight was 30hrs in total and i was so tired by the time i got to Miami, i couldn’t sleep on the flights..i had it so good on the way to Vancouver i had the whole row of seats to myself and i could have easily managed a nap but there was such an incredible selection of movies so i stayed up and watched those instead. i stayed at a hostel on south beach in Miami for a 4 nights, it took me quite awhile to adjust to the time differences and i slept alot through the day so i probably didn’t see as much of Miami as i would have liked but what i did see i liked, It was so sunny and there was people everywhere! There isn’t much in the way of tourist icons but the whole atmosphere was a real party one and it was a good way to start my holiday, when i arrived all the Americans where on spring break so the beaches and streets were packed with young people. i met lots of interesting people at my hostel and had a really good time.
I then flew into St Thomas in the U.S virgin islands, it was a little bit of a shock at how small it was compared to the states. We were just anchored in the harbour there so the water wasn’t the best for swimming, there were some really big cruise ships docked there though and decided that when i become a billionaire im going to have the ultimate cruise ship! we had a bit of a look around the town for a couple of days before we moved on to some other little bays in the U.S virgin islands, The snorkling was pretty nice here and i hadn’t done it for quite awhile so i really enjoyed that. there was this one really beautiful spot called maho bay on St John’s island and the water was so clear and beautiful. We saw little turtles as we were swimming but never managed to get close enough to see them properly, they are very timid and like to keep there distance.
After the U.S virgin islands we headed to the Spanish virgin islands of Vieqeus and Culebra which are actually techniquely part of Puerto rico. They were very small islands so not much to do there on the land but plenty to see in the water. We anchored at this little place called sun bay and we walked along a track to this amazing little bay called mosquito bay( we did this at night time and when there was almost no moon) we then waded out into the water and the coolest thing happened, we glowed! Every movement we made caused this aura of light to follow our bodies, its created by these microscopic little bugs that are pooled there in enormous concentrations, when you lifted your arms out of the water these little glowing beads ran down your arms it kind of looked like glitter.
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photo by: sarahs_travels09