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Next on our journey was Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico the largest marina in the Caribean which was amazing! Its been my favourite place so far, there was so many cool things to do and we were in a fairly central spot which gave us good access to plenty of places, we also hired cars here which made getting around easy. We went hiking in the national park up to the highest peak, it took us 2 hours to get to the top! But it was worth it we could pretty much see the whole island from up there and the exercise was good, you don’t get much on the boat. Then next day Zach and i headed off on our own we drove out into the middle of the island to the Observatorio de Arecibo, it’ (google it) there was a really cool little space centre there too which we had a look around, it told you all these cool facts about the planets and space which i enjoyed but then we went and sat through a short film explaining everything they do at the centre and the language was way to complex and scientific and i completely lost interest in the whole thing and was ready to move on.
So then we we drove to the Bacardi factory in San Juan and we did a tour around there and learnt a bit about the history of the rum and the Bacardi family, we also bought some flavoured rum which was really good J. We then ended our day in old San Juan, it’s this beautiful old little city and sunset was the perfect time to see it the colours of the buildings were enhanced buy the colours of the setting sun. we saw the remains of an old castle and the old fortress used back in the times when they had to fend off invaders.. it was a really good day we had so much fun.
After there we went to monkey island which actually has monkeys on it! You weren’t allowed to go onto the island though because the monkeys can be quite vicious and they don’t want you to disturb the program they have going on there but we did go up close in the dingy and we could see all the monkeys running around.

Ponce was a really pretty city, lots of history and culture we saw the old fire station there and went on a tour around the city, we saw the sports museum and a really old cemetery wich gave me the chills, i still really hate cemetery (still scarred from year 7 Claire!). the big church there was really beautiful too.
We also went to Gilligan’s Island where we walked through the island in the big channels which were amoungst the mangroves, on the way back through the channels harry and i floated on our backs in the current.
My favourite place in Puerto Rico was definitely Mona Island, it’s exactly how you would picture paradise! The waters are so clear you can see the bottom and everything that is on it.. on land there were these 4ft iguanas and giant hermit crabs!! The iguanas look so prehistoric, like a small version of Godzilla.
There was also lots of coconuts on the island and even though it took me all day i eventually broke through mine J Out on the island there is only a handful of people who live there so at night time it’s so dark because is doesn’t have any interference from lights, i’ve never seen the night sky and stars so clearly, there were thousands more stars than you normally see. And because im in the northern hemisphere i see different stars to the ones i would normally see at home.
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