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After Puerto Rico we headed to Turks and Caicos just south of the Bahamas, it was the first sign of the Bahamas the waters are very shallow and brilliant blue, they are so bright because of the white sand. But like the Bahamas there isn’t much to see on the land, its all very dry and the only plants are dry little shrubs. We met some really great people there though, a couple from Michigan and another from Florida, we had a couple of really great nights with them it was nice to have the company. We also me the “lost” boys here, and heard some of their stories and the trouble they have got up to so far, they are 3 kiwi guys in their early 20s who decided to fly over to America and buy a boat, they bought a 30ft monohull for $10,000 which is barely sea worthy, the hatches leak and the boat isn’t even techniqually registered, they filled the v-birth of their boat with beer, they said originally when they started out they had 110 dozen beers and plenty of rum.
Everywhere they go they seem to leave a trail of destruction but they are having the time of their lives and they were a lot of fun.
From Caicos we headed straight through to Rum Cay in the Bahamas. It was a really small island and hardly anyone lived there, there were heaps of sharks all around the marina there but apparently they weren’t dangerous. Wasn’t much to do here so we didn’t stay long.
Our next stop was George Town the main city of the Exumas in the Bahamas, we were stuck here for a week due to weather conditions but it was the best place we could have been stuck, we arrived there at the beginning of the regatta which is a week-long festival set up for the boating community buy the locals there were lots of little temporary stalls set up along the street which sold local snacks and drinks.
There was also a really cool parade down the main street, the bands were really entertaining they have a very unique style, the really get into the dancing and make it a great performance. The women there are so big and bold, they have the most amazing hairstyles in all these crazy colours and they are big women, who carry alot of junk in their trunk which they accentuate with brightly coloured clothing and bold patterns. We met a nice family here too who had kids Tom and Harri’s age which made things more interesting, we went exploring with them and it made our bored games more interesting, they were heading the same direction as us so we sailed with them up to Staniel Cay.
Staniel Cay was amazing! We snorkelled in the thunderball caves there where they filmed part of the james bond movie.
It was the most incredible thing there the fish weren’t afraid of people at all they just stayed there and allowed us to swim through them, it was like i was in a tank in an aquarium, the range of fish was amazing too there were some brilliantly coloured little fish. We hand fed the fish bread, some of them bite though.. we also did the 10m jump through the cave roof into the water.
After there we stopped at a couple of other little anchorages in the Bahamas national park which were beautiful the water is so amazing! And Tom and i Dived on an old shipwreck in the park which was home to lots of little fish species and some rather large lobsters. Before heading to my final destination with the boat, Nassau.
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