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Apologies. This is an experimental blog of my travels in Britain in May 2009. As a blog, it relies on modern technology to convey my observations to family and friends on an almost real=time basis.  It is experimental in that I have not done such a multi-faceted project before, nor am I proficient in any of its individual steps.  Hopefully, the value will be in the content presented by Visiting Britain, rather than in the weaknesses of the bearer of the message.

Purpose.  Given the opportunity, I want to travel to places that have interested me since being a boy.  

Rationale.  The opportunity to travel arrived with my retirement in March 2009. I could use Frequent Flier miles to lessen costs. Britain fits the bill. It's history, technology, literature, TV, and landscape have intrigued me for some time. Traveling there could be cheaper, given a weakening of the British pound and global economic recession.  The aspect of transmitting my experiences would take away time from my travels, but, then, I anticipate an amount of "Down Time at the Hotel" resulting from a busy day schedule. This gap in productive time should be all the more so appaent to me, since I am no longer at the age when I backpacked through Europe.

Itinerary, I chose places of interest to me and would not follow traditional travel brochures. First on the list is an Air Museum north of London whose motto is, "They Fly or They Drive." Their planes and cars are operational, demonstrating that people still understand the old technologies. Next, York, holds a double-whammy. The York National Railway Museum and the Yorvik Viking Center offer mechanics and family history in tandem. If connections are lucky, I'll visit the site of the 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge, where my Viking ancestor, Harald Hardrade, fell to the English king, Harold. Later in the trip I visit the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, where the English king fell to invaders from Normandy.  Third on my list of sites to visit is the Lake District, which is both scenic and home to the poet Wordsworth, Next comes Wales, which offers both operating railways and the shooting location for the 1966 series, "The Prisoner."  The latter series is known for it's line shouted by Patrick McGowan to his captors, "I am not a number, I am a free man!"  This attitude has always challenged me, having worked with numbers my whole career,  Fifth, I'll visit Shakespeare's Stratford on Avon, and then move south to the town of Battle (near Hastings) and then north, to rest in London.  

If you want to follow my progress, check in every few days at the following sites. How often depends on how difficult things are for me. You may need to carefully Browse around each page until you see the INDEX for my listings. Listed in order of ease (for me...):

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FOR BLOG COMMENTARY:   http://www.travbuddy.com/harstadm

Very respectfully, Mark G. Harstad
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