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Clark heading for the airport at 4am
45 minutes after I fell asleep, it was time to hit the road again. We had to catch a bus at 4:00am to get to the airport for our 6:10am flight. We still had plenty of energy at that point so it wasn't much of a hassle. We were flying Lufthansa, the German national airline, to Frankfurt and then on to Malta.

Malta is a tiny island nation just south of Sicily. It is part of the European Union. It feels like more of a Caribbean island rather than part of Europe. After two on time flights, we were off the second plane by noon. The very first thing we saw in Malta was a huge billboard informing new arrivals of a MTV music festival. The last night of the festival happened to be that night. The performers were headlined by Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas, two very well known names.
The concert in Malta
Then, underneath, we noticed our two favorite words: free admission. We already had our night planned before we picked up our bags.

We took a shuttle bus through the hot, hilly island to the White Dolphin Resort (yes, resort. There are no hostels in Malta) located in the tourist town of Qawra (pronounced Ow-ra). Originally, we had planned on staying with one of CS's friends but the plans fell through on our last day in Berlin. I ended up finding this two bedroom condo at the resort for just $23/night/person. The rooms are huge. We also have a full kitchen, living room, two balconies over looking the Mediterranean Sea, and a swimming pool just outside.

Sarah's parents happened to be vacationing on the island at the same time as us.
Me dancing and having a good ole' time
We met up with them at their resort for dinner before the concert. We took the island-wide bus system to the Westin Resort in the town of St. Julians. It is a huge, four star resort right on the water. Sarah's parents treated us to a very nice, fancy, and filliing buffet at the Westin. We also made plans to rent a boat with them for the next day.

After a wonderful dinner that would've set us back who knows how much, we took the bus to the capital of Malta, Valletta, for the concert. Once we arrived, the streets were packed with party and concert-goers alike. The town seemed like one big party this Wednesday night. We followed the loudest music and soon found ourselves in a huge square, a lot like the square the Colplay concert was held at in Arras. Lady Gaga was playing when we got there.
The fireworks
People were dancing and loving life all around. We joined. The atmosphere was great. Then the Black Eyed Peas came on. The one song that will always remind me of this entire European trip is sung by them and happened to be the grand finale. After about an hour of dancing to their music, near midnight, the song came on. Boom Boom Pow, the song's name, is their hit track off of their most recent album. Everyone went crazy and danced non-stop, including myself. About halfway through, fireworks started going off. I don't think I've seen that many people so happy in one place. Finally, at 12:30am, running on 45 minutes sleep and a lifetime of memories, we headed back to Qawra. We hopped on the packed Malta bus (this one in particular was about 60 years old) and I found myself in the stairway. There are no doors on the busses and I had no choice but to stand where the door should've been if I wanted to get home. It got a bit scary going around corners but the view and breeze were priceless. I knew I was going to enjoy my time on this island after this first night.
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Clark heading for the airport at 4…
Clark heading for the airport at …
The concert in Malta
The concert in Malta
Me dancing and having a good ole …
Me dancing and having a good ole'…
The fireworks
The fireworks
Malta in the morning, more picture…
Malta in the morning, more pictur…
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