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They really do exist
Yet again, sleep didn’t happen last night as much as I would’ve liked it to. I stayed in the lobby/hang out area at the hostel talking to everyone. I met a couple of people from Georgia, a “mate” from South Africa, and 2 people from Minnesota, one from Hastings and one from the famed Virginia, Minnesota. Antoine, from Marietta, Georgia, even has family in Menhaga, MN. For those of you that don’t know, my ex-roommate from my freshman year is from the small town of Menhaga. Those Minnesotans sure do travel.

Anyway, I continued to talk to Robbie and the two girls from Chicago (Jackie and Anna) for quite a while. Jackie really wanted to go out to a club but her travel partner, Anna, did not.
Kelsey don't ask but I thought of you when I saw this
Apparently Anna hadn’t gone out to experience the nightlife anywhere. Robbie and I were hesitant at first because of the previous night. Jackie and I both discovered that we would be heading to Dublin in the morning and I told her I plan on pub hopping when I arrive and she could join. But she wasn’t having it. She really wanted to go out. So she made a deal, if I went out with her this night in London, she would go out in Dublin with me tonight. Needless to say, I went out with her.

We went to a nearby grocery store to get a few drinks and I decided to get a couple snacks as well. Still in awe of the Walker’s chip flavors, I went straight to the chip aisle. I was in shock. These Brits have the weirdest chips.
Antoine, Me, Marco
I kid you not, these are the flavors I bought (and I have pictures to prove it): Cajun Squirrel, Fish and Chips, and Crispy Duck and Hoisin. I thought the fish and chips chips would taste the best, however, they were by far the worst. Antoine said they tasted like mayo and I would have to agree. The duck I thought would be the second best, which they were since there were only three flavors. They were almost as bad as the fish and chips chips. Lastly, Cajun squirrel. These were actually pretty good if you don’t mind a little spice. I have no idea what squirrel tastes like, but if I had some Cajun spices and a grill, who knows. We have plenty running around in the US.

The chips were a pretty big hit back at the hostel and we offered them to whom ever wanted to try them. We continued to hang out there until we realized it was 11pm and Jackie was anxious to go out and dance. So me, Jackie, Antoine, Robbie, and Marco (the mate from South Africa) began the walk to Victoria station to catch the tube. Back to Picadilly we went and this time to Club Oxygen. The place wasn’t nearly as large as On Anon but it was still very crowded and very fun. We all danced the night away and met some other people from London and danced with them. I ran into a few drunks from Canada and decided to mess with their heads a little and told them I was from Canada also. I started using the Midwestern Canadian accent and told them I was from Winnipeg. They loved it.
Around 2am, we were completely worn out and began the walk back to the hostel. The other three didn’t believe Robbie and I when we said we knew where we were going and had done the walk the night before. Before long, we were in a quiet corner in a residential area. Whoops. Luckily I realized my mistake and we were back on course and back to the hostel in no time.

I woke up around 8:30am this morning and had breakfast. It was a simple breakfast of cornflakes and toast, but it hit the spot. Check out was simple and I was on my way back to Victoria to catch my bus. I am currently typing this as I ride the bus to the airport. Quick rant to London: Don’t call your airport “London Stansted Airport”. It is nowhere near London. It ‘s a two hour bus ride to get there. In Virginia, it would be like calling Richmond’s airport “Virginia Beach/Richmond Airport”, or for those of you reading in ND/MN, the “Fargo/Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport”.

And I saw a Smart car with flames painted on it this morning. Pretty intense.

addictedtosno says:
1. cajun squirrel? seriously?!
2. i love you for thinking of me when you see an irish sign that i assume says lilley-something..
miss you :)
Posted on: Jun 03, 2009
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They really do exist
They really do exist
Kelsey dont ask but I thought of …
Kelsey don't ask but I thought of…
Antoine, Me, Marco
Antoine, Me, Marco
photo by: vvicy1