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Clark and I both slept in until 1:00pm after a long night of partying. Luckily, my flight didn’t leave until 5:30pm so we had plenty of time to get ready and make it to the airport. It took us nearly an hour to pack simply because of the huge TV at our disposal. This thing had hundreds of channels and we were so comfortable in those bean bag chairs that we didn’t want to move all day.

We finally made it out of the door at 3:00pm for the hour drive back to Liverpool. Unfortunately, this ride turned out to be longer than an hour. It was pouring rain and traffic was bumper to bumper. We tried finding alternative routes but to no avail. We finally made it to the airport around 4:45pm for my 5:30pm flight.

I rushed to check-in, grabbed some very needed Subway, and got to my gate just as they began boarding (CS were on a later flight because it worked out to be cheaper that way for them since they weren’t flying back to the UK). The flight, on KLM (Dutch Airline), was very short and pleasant. Only an hour long, I was served a couple of drinks and a full sandwich. I landed right on time, for the second time this trip, in Amsterdam.

The purpose for a third trip to the Netherlands was to visit another friend from my China trip last summer. Kos, a native of the island of Curacao, goes to school in The Hague, a smaller city in the Netherlands. Kos was waiting for me at the airport and we spent a few hours catching up and chatting about China over a cup of coffee, waiting for CS to arrive.

Since Clark had never seen Amsterdam and he had only a few days in town, we took the train to Centraal station and gave him a brief tour of the city. We took him to Dam Square, the Red Light District, a Coffee Shop, and showed him the beautiful canals that run through the city. I won’t go into detail since this is now my third time here on this trip. We caught the last train back to Kos’s apartment in The Hague. Unfortunately, we had a pretty big ordeal on the train with our Eurail passes. Apparently, I had to have my passport number written on it (which I hadn’t done ever though I had used the pass six times prior). Luckily, since we still had all of our stuff from our flights we had our passports handy and the train lady let us go.

We arrived in The Hague about 40 minutes after leaving Amsterdam and got situated in Kos’s apartment (that is juuuuuust big enough for four people). Even though it was a short day, it felt like we had been going nonstop all day long. It was time to call it a night. Welcome back to the Netherlands!
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photo by: pearcetoyou