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Dublin Airport
After a restful evening of reading and eating the last of my ham and turkey sandwiches, I was ready to go to bed. That was before I struck up conversation with the new roommates.

There were six girls in the room and one other guy, all from Spain, but all currently living in England. All the girls are students in Bournemouth and the lone guy, Ignos (or something like that), was working outside of London. Further into the conversation, they asked which state I come from. After mentioning Virginia, Ignos asked if I knew of William and Mary. Of course, I grew up a mere five minutes from the place. At that point I hadn’t quite put two and two together and I asked how he knew of the place. He worked in England with a William and Mary graduate. Still not putting two and two together I asked what his or her name was.
The Alps popping through the clouds
Ashley Pinney.

My reaction “Holy shit!!!! I went to high school with her!!” The Spanish girls looked at me like I was crazy but I was able to explain. I knew Ashley had been working all year in England and we were even trying to arrange a get together, however, she is back in the states for a while before she teaches in South Korea. Ignos and I, both still in shock, were amazed at how small the world can be. He sent her a text and I wrote her a letter that Ignos is going to give her when she stops back in England before heading to South Korea. I had met Ashley my freshman year of high school when she was a senior and we have kept in touch since then. After my excitement settled, I was off to bed.

Ignos and I had breakfast together in the morning and talked about our plans and how crazy it was that we both knew Ashley. He was waiting for his brother and sister to arrive before heading off to Cork. After another nice, free, hostel breakfast of toast, cornflakes, and fruit, it was time for me to head back to the airport.

I took the short walk back to the bus station and sat on the top deck of the bus. The busses are very efficient and comfortable (I have this weird fear of busses and would rather travel via train or subway). It was a short ride and I had a painless time at the airport (no cavity search this time, even though my bag still has straps on it). I am currently sitting at the airport here in Dublin enjoying a Burger King Whopper, a delicacy after the sandwiches I’ve eaten for the last eight or so meals (Can’t afford the Irish stews in the pubs unfortunately).

Je vien de arriver a Nice! The flight was painless as was customs at the airport. I got to use my French for the first time as well. “Je voudrais un billet pour le bus quatre-vingt dix-neuf” (Trans: I would like a ticket for the 99 bus). I even had an Irish lady come up to me and in broken French asked me where the bus was and I answered in French and then told her I was American. Yeah I felt pretty good about myself.

The bus ride was quick and easy and after a short walk I was at my hostel. To my surprise they don’t take credit cards. Great I thought. There is no way my cash is going to last me because NO ONE IN EUROPE TAKES CREDIT CARDS. At least the room seems nice (no pun intended) and there’s free internet. Don’t know what I’m doing yet tonight, but I will let you know tomorrow!

Translation for the title: The World is Very, Very Small
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Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport
The Alps popping through the clouds
The Alps popping through the clouds
photo by: Niki-Travelfan