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I'm liking Metz more and more everyday. At first, I thought I would be so bored and Metz was just another old European city. However, now that I know my way around, know the good grocery stores, have a night time hang out spot, and have a bunch of great friends on this trip, I wish I was spending a whole semester here instead of just one month.

Monday consisted of French class and a business class. French was fun and easy since we went over two of the past tenses that I have already had a lot of work with. The business class was taught by our chaperon, Bertrand Agostini. Agostini (we call him "Bert" for short) has lived in France for all but two years of his 52. He dresses French, smokes, and drinks coffee and wine. He screams France. However, his English is perfect. He has no accent what so ever. He is also a very understanding person and works with us students to ensure we have the best time possible while we are here. He gives us advice on where to go, what to see, and where to stay. He is exactly the kind of person you would want to go to if you were spending a month in France.

We have also had a lot of opportunities to meet the local French people staying at the residence with us. Some people in our group have been hanging out with them every night. I have had a chance to talk to many of them and they have helped me improve my French, especially my hip/slang French that I wouldn't learn in school.

Just a quick preview for the next few journal entries (again, sorry I'm about a week behind but I've had school and a lot of other adventures that limit my computer time. I'm staying in Metz for the weekend and plan to catch up): Verdun War Memorial, Luxembourg, and the art of planning a weekend trip.
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