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Metz. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I woke up and checked out of my hostel by 10am and hopped on the bus straight to the airport. Everything went smoothly and I was at my gate in no time. I was flying on a small, Air France prop for the two hour flight. After a short delay and a bus ride to the plane, I was situated and we were on our way to Metz.

The flight was awesome. On the short two hour flight, we were served a sandwich and all the free drinks we wanted, including beer and wine. I had my chicken sandwich (which was actually quite good) and orange juice and then fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

I woke up to beautiful French country side. This was really my first time in the countryside of Europe and outside of a major city. The landscape consisted of rolling green hills with small French villages scattered about. However, once we landed, I realized how small of a town I was about to reside in for the next month. We were the only airplane. The terminal was about the size of the airport in Grand Forks, maybe even a bit smaller.

Then I began to encounter some problems. It was my first major glitch so far in the trip. I picked up my backpack and I had to call our chaperone for the trip, Bertrand Agostini. I went to use the pay phone, called the number I was given, but no answer. I called a few more times and still nothing. I wasn’t sure what to do immediately. I asked the lady at the information desk in French if I could use the phone there but still no answer. I began to wonder if I would be stranded or maybe I had the wrong number. A lot was going through my head.

I tried to pick up internet to check to see if I could find a different number, but to no avail. I then decided to take a cab to the train station in Metz because I knew I would have a chance to run into Bertrand as that was where he was picking up the rest of the group. Not to mention in the whole process I got a nasty paper cut and was bleeding everywhere (Thanks for the band-aids Diane!)

The cab ride was very pretty, although expensive. After the 37 Euro cab ride, I am officially out of cash. Once at the station, which was a beautiful German building from the early 1900’s, I tried using a pay phone again, however, these phones didn’t take coins OR credit cards. So I bought a phone card. Still no answer. I then tried to get on the internet one last time (I had about 10 minutes of battery life left on the laptop) but failed once again. I was getting pretty stressed at this time, until I found a document I had saved on my computer about the arrival procedure and found Bertrand’s cell phone number. I had been calling his office phone the entire day.
As soon as I found the number and was putting my laptop away, an older man came up to me in English and asked if I was with the ICN Metz program. Sure enough, right after I found the correct number Bertrand had found me. I still don’t know how but I must’ve really stood out (remember, this town is small). I was so relived.

We picked up two other girls and headed to the residence halls. My room felt like a mansion after staying at the hostels. I had it all to myself, along with my own toilet, shower, lamp, refrigerator, closet, and desk. It was like heaven after the afternoon I had had. Dinner was shortly thereafter, and again, I was speechless. It was a simple cold dish of meat, cheese, salad, bread, and pie, but as you all know, it was one of the best meals so far.
Eight of us had arrived that day while the other 22 were due in the next day. There are a total of seven guys and 23 girls from UND, University of Central Florida, Illinois State, Duquesne, and Eastern Michigan. After dinner, we took a break to get situated in our rooms a bit and clean up.

As for the night, it was wild because of us Americans. The town was completely dead when we went out except for a small square with a few outdoor cafes where we enjoyed a drink and got to know each other. Then it was time to find a dance club. This event was similar to finding a needle in a haystack. After a quick bathroom break in an upscale wine bar that didn’t like our presence there, we found a quiet little place near the train station playing dance music. So in we went.

It was a gay bar. We discovered this when we noticed a couple girls making out in the back and a brochure on the bar saying it was “hetero-friendly”. I can take French gay bar off my list of things to see in my life. There were even videos playing on the walls of gay men and women dancing together. Needless to say, the place was pretty fun and everyone eventually started dancing. Our group consisted of six girls and two guys but the crowd knew almost instantly that we were just lost Americans looking for a place to have fun, which we did. Welcome to Metz, Derrick.

As for Sunday, it was a very lazy day. I woke up at noon and had a massive steak for lunch, easily the best meal of the trip so far. I went with a few people for a walk to check out Metz which I will go into more detail about in later posts as well as the pictures.

(Side note: RIP to the passengers on the Air France flight….it’s all over the news here)

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Posted on: Jul 10, 2010
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