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The mug of beer
Unfortunately, no fireworks for these Americans this year. Instead, we opted for beer gardens and pub crawls.

After a well deserved night's sleep at the "Sleep Cheap" hostel (only ten € a night!) and a small breakfast at the bistro next door, we made our way into downtown Berlin. Our mission was to find a famed beer garden to relax in all afternoon. We took the "S-Bahn" (Berlin's above ground train system) to the Berlin zoo and started our search from there. We headed towards the "Tiergarten" (a massive park in the heart of the city). We only had to walk about 300 feet from the station and sure enough there was a huge billboard "Biergarten 200 Meters". It was right on the border of the zoo and Tiergarten.
Marisa and I on the pub crawl
We decided to set up shop there for the day.

A beer garden is simply a large, shaded, outdoor area with dozens of picnic tables. And naturally, there is plenty of German beer. Once we got there, however, I had to leave. I had been in contact with two of my classmates from Metz and found out they would be heading to Berlin on the fourth. The plan was to meet at their hostel at 3:00pm and then head back to the beer garden. I took the S Bahn yet again to their station and found their hostel easily.

No sign of them in the lobby so I asked at the desk if they had checked in or not. I knew they were flying so I thought maybe they were delayed. However, the receptionist said they had checked in about five minutes prior. She told me I could go to their room real quick as long as I came right back. As soon as I entered their hall, Marisa was standing just outside the room. She sprinted at me screaming and gave me a huge hug. Evelyn heard the commotion, came out of the room, and did the same exact thing. It was like we hadn't seen each other in years even though it had only been a week. That's how close all of us were in Metz.

The girls were travelling with three other friends from Florida. After they all got ready, we headed back to the beer garden to meet back with CS. After a quick stop at a one € brat stand, the eight of us began celebrating the fourth with huge German mugs of beer. The garden was packed on this Saturday afternoon with other Americans and Germans. We all joked around and got to know those we didn't, along with some reminescing about Metz. We also discussed plans for the night and settled on a pub crawl.

We all went back to our hostels to take showers and get ready for the night ahead of us. Obviously, I had never done a pub crawl so I had no idea what to expect. We arrived at the meeting point at 9:00pm in downtown Berlin and joined the 30 or so other English speakers that were also on the crawl. Just about all of them were between 18 and 25. Our two guides informed us of the plan. Four pubs/bars and one dance club. We would have 45 minutes at each place as well as a free drink at each. The final stop would be the dance club where we could stay as long as we wanted. Off we went.

There was nothing special about the first three stops, but everything changed after that. The next place was another small bar, but it opened to a massive courtyard in the back. There were multiple bands playing as well as multiple bars. I had never seen anything like it. The walls were full of Berlin's famous graffiti and street art. We found another building connected to the courtyard that we decided to explore. The place was crowded both with people and graffiti. There was so much graffiti on the walls that it was pretty. We then took the stairs up and found various bars and clubs as well as the occasional art shop along the way. Afterwards, we headed back to the courtyard where I mingled with other people on the crawl and our group of eight. The last club we went to was a two floor inferno of a dance club. The music was good, however, it was almost too hot to enjoy it. I opted for water instead of beer (which is more expensive). We ended up losing Clark there (he was having too much fun) but he eventually made it back to the hostel on his own. The rest of us grabbed a 4:00am kebab and decided to head home. I fell asleep right as the sun was coming up.  

*Sorry for the lack of pictures currently. I am writing this from an ancient computer in Malta and I don't have access to wifi on my laptop for the pictures. They will be up soon though!
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The mug of beer
The mug of beer
Marisa and I on the pub crawl
Marisa and I on the pub crawl
photo by: CFD