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75% of traveling is the planning (In my books at least). One of the highlights of this study abroad is that we have the weekends free to go wherever (such as Amsterdam). This upcoming weekend was shaping up to be a problem for many people because either the trains were full or everything was way too expensive. My original plan was to go back to the beach in Nice with a couple girls from Central Florida and just relax. That fell through when we found out we couldn’t get a train back to Metz until the following Tuesday. Some of the group that went to Switzerland last weekend were renting a car and driving to Amsterdam and a few others took the train to London.

Neither of those ideas appealed to me because they were expensive and I had already done Amsterdam and London. My main group of friends here began looking into a vineyard trip. That still didn’t spark my interest, especially when I heard the price. So then I started searching. Pretty much every place I wanted to visit in Europe at that point was flying distance only. I checked flights to Prague, Athens, Copenhagen, and Portugal but all of them averaged around $400.

But then I started looking farther and farther from Metz and found two relatively cheap flights to Dubai and Cairo. Both of these places are at the top of my list to visit. I knew I didn’t have enough planning time to pull it off the upcoming weekend so I searched for the following weekend. I mentioned the idea to the rest of the class and they thought I was crazy, except a few. We concluded that Dubai was simply too long of a flight for a weekend trip so we dug deeper into Cairo.

Then we discovered the exchange rate. We could get a hostel for two nights, hostel transportation from the airport, and a tour of the Pyramids and Sphinx for about $20 per person. I couldn’t believe it. We brought up the idea to Agostini to get his opinion and he told us our options and what he would recommend. Agostini moved our test from Friday, June 19 to the Thursday before so we could have more travel time.

After about a day of intensive research on flights, hostels, tours, and trains, we were ready to set our crazy Egypt plans in stone: Leave Metz on a midnight train to Stuttgart, Germany. Arrive in Stuttgart at 5:00am for our 8:00am flight. Change planes in Zurich, Switzerland and arrive in Cairo, Egypt at 2:40pm. Explore Cairo and the Nile River Friday night. Saturday we will either visit the Pyramids and Sphinx or the Suez Canal. Whichever one we don’t visit we will see on Sunday before our flight leaves at 4:00pm.

On the way back, we fly back to Zurich (about four hours) and then connect to Amsterdam. Our group is leaving Metz on a bus for Brussels early Monday morning but Agostini said that we (we as in the Egypt group: Me, Craig, and Jason) could meet the group in Brussels. We are going to spend Sunday night in Amsterdam and then take a morning train over to Brussels. Egypt, here I come.

As for this weekend (June 12-14), I spent an afternoon in Luxembourg and the rest of the time here in Metz saving some money and doing a bit of relaxing which was definitely a good idea. Unfortunately, we only have one more week in Metz. I’m starting to like this town more and more and I will be sad when I have to leave. However, at the same time, I absolutely cannot wait until Egypt.
addictedtosno says:
ah i'm so jealous, egypt will be amazing!!! spare no details or pictures :)
Posted on: Jun 14, 2009
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