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One thing I’ve been forgetting to mention is the weather. Paris is not only dirty, but hot. Our room lacked A/C too. So I woke up in a pool of sweat, ready to get on the road to Brussels. After a 30 minute frantic search for our key, only to realize the desk already had it, we were out the door.

After a few metro rides, we arrived at the Gare du Nord for our high speed train. I had grown used to the old school trains like the one I had taken to Stuttgart so I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, the train was amazing and had some of the most comfortable seats I had ever sat in. I could’ve ridden the thing back to the US if I had to. Not to mention it tops out at nearly 200mph so we were in Brussels in just over an hour.

Clark had a friend from school that was doing an internship in Brussels for the summer and she offered her place for us to stay. It was free, fun, and in a great location. Once we arrived at the station, we decided to walk to her apartment rather than take the metro because it wasn’t far and we weren’t in a hurry. We casually made our way through the winding Brussels streets that I had been in just a week prior.

After battling some unforeseen inclines on the way to the apartment, we finally made it and we were greeted with open arms by Clark’s friend Nicole. We all had our own place to sleep, a kitchen to use, and laundry facilities, all for free. Can’t beat that price when you’re travelling on a budget. We got ourselves settled and cooked up some chicken and pasta for dinner.

Afterwards, we decided to go out. We hadn’t been out to the bars or clubs yet together and decided that this would be the night. I told them of a few places I had checked out when I was in Brussels the week before and so we began our walk downtown. On the way, we again passed the Manikin Piss and the main square on our way to Delirium (one of those pubs I had mentioned in my last post about Brussels). This bar, however, is unique. The menu is massive. There are exactly 2,004 different beers to choose from. I started with a Presidente, a beer that brings back memories of my trip to the Dominican Republic this past January. Then I had a cheap, local Belgian beer that was just as good.

As the night wore on and the bar began to lose its crowd, we laughed our way back to the apartment, enjoying the feeling of freedom and adventure that we will continue to have for the next month. Travelling is such a blast. (Pictures of Brussels in the next post! I promise!)
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photo by: Vlindeke