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late afternoon
So I feel as I've been held captive for the last couple of days on this sleepy island. Whiling away my time between cigarettes on the balcony and trying to steal wifi from across the bay. Short of suspending myself from a rope, I've literally done anything and everything to get online!

So today the concierge was at the front desk so I paid her a visit just in time to book 4 excursions over the next 4 days. I really wanted to see Malta, and perhaps I will on the "Malta Highlights" tour I'm taking tomorrow. But I've had enough - I'm going to Sicily on Wed, Goza and Thurs, and we'll see what happens for Friday, but I might just go by myself to Valletta. Or I may do that today, who knows!

I know, why am I going on all these stupid tours. Because sometimes, when you're traveling solo, it's the best way to see everything without having a stress attack organizing everything.
morning brekkie!
Malta is a lot like LA - you really need a car, and the good stuff is spread out everywhere and not really liked by decent public transport. And once again, my 80's theory prevails. I just booked 4 tours - one to another COUNTRY - and my grand total? 180 Euro for everything. Unbelievable. If I had stayed in Paris - one day-trip to the Loire Valley would have cost more than that and food would not even be included.

I'll let you know in a couple of days whether or not it was good bang for the buck, or if they just trap you inside a bus for 8 hours and call it a "tour" (a la chinese bus operators).

I walked home wondering if I had gone overboard (what - me, overboard?!) Especially for the Sicily trip - it goes from 5am until midnight! And then to do Gozo all day the next day - yeesh! Especially when I finally seem to have shed my stressed out/discontent feeling from yesterday. Doesn't hurt to by busy though.

Made some scrambled eggs a la Sal style with chives and milk to make 'em fluffy and delish! Ate on the balcony and thought this wasn't a half bad way to spend a morning. I even have a couple of new mosquito bites from hanging off my balcony yesterday trying to reconnect to wifi. Oh, memories of Afrique! =) Off to the Valleta waterfront tonight for an evening tour. Just in time to salvage a bit of sanity!
vances says:
You probably shouldn't go 'overboard' with all these excursions while staying on an island...

Posted on: May 16, 2009
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late afternoon
late afternoon
morning brekkie!
morning brekkie!
photo by: lauro