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I don't know what it is with this place - maybe it's just Madrid, hell maybe it's just Madrid AIRPORT. But people here are SO FREAKING RUDE! I think today was just a really sucky start to a day. But one thing for sure, my brain is now set so that whenever I get to Madrid airport I have to be "don't-mess-with-me" Jenn. I HATE that Jenn.. And I only have to employ it when I meet people that are VERY strong-willed but VERY wrong. Adel comes to mind.. yes I am definitely having problems with Adel. I sometimes wish he would just follow his player-pimp instincts and go bother someone else. And let me be FREE!

Set 2 alarm clocks on the TV at the hotel for this morning cause I needed to leave the house by 10 for a 12:20 flight. TOTALLY slept through the alarms since I was up late blogging =) Thank God the crazily inefficient and annoying housekeeper knocked on my door at 8:30am to see if she could clean my room. WHAT HOUSEKEEPER DOES THAT?! Thank god she knocked because I inadvertantly removed the "do not disturb sign" the night before. Since they didn't get a chance to clean the room yesterday, they were knocking every like 4 hours to see if I wanted my room cleaned. NO LADY, you didn't do that good of a job THE FIRST TIME, so it's NOT WORTH vacating my room for the likes of YOUR CLEANING.

So it takes me quite a long time to pack  as I keep getting distracted by all my pretty postcards =) and of course fate would have it that at 9:35 there is a huge line at the front desk and it slows my checkout. I ask for a taxi and they have this cool button they press at the front desk and a taxi arrives in like a minute flat! I REALLY wanted to catch the 10:08 CAT train to the airport!! I did not really understand the Vienna airport just yet so it was really really important to get there early. The taxi pulls up and the driver is a woman!!! I dug through the files of my memory and realized that not in all my 20 something years of being in taxis in different countries, cities, etc. have I ever had a woman taxi-cab driver!!! I kinda dug it! I felt like a mom was driving me to the airport, it was really sweet! I don't know why it's not a common thing, maybe the whole luggage-moving thing (she didn't even try to assist, not that I needed it), but there should be more female taxi drivers!! =)

Flew over Madrid thinking about what to do as I had a 4 hour layover. I had a window seat and was just astonished at how DRY it was. It's like.. desert with a few patchy grids of trees that someone planted maybe 20 years ago. So it's very misleading because you have trees on the streets and in the parks here but if look into the distance.. nothing. I imagine this is a minor version of what Dubai feels like.

Between a delay and the long line at McDonalds (sue me! I didn't get to have sauerkraut yesterday!) I now have a 3 hour layover. And man people here are NOT nice. I literally felt like cattle at this McDonalds being herded along in one of the 12 lines, got the wrong food, the people pretended not to understand me even though I freaking SPEAK SPANISH. Stop looking at my face and use your EARS, ladies!

Was thinking about a conversation I had with Chris about traveling. He had an interesting insight about Vienna and how he loves traveling, but what he loves even more is returning to Vienna - the giddy excitement of going home. I thought that was so sweet and I confided that I felt precisely the same way about Portugal. Part of the reason I came to Vienna was to get out for a little and give Irene some peace as I had been living with her for a month now! But I also left in order to have that amazing feeling of returning to Porto, returning to my lovely friends. My best friend Joyce said it best - "life is best consisting of voyages and homecomings." And it's somewhat of a shocking thing realizing just how much I love Portugal. That crazy-girl part of me wonders if I should spend the next 10 days looking for a husband so I can stay! =)

I can't wait to go back. I wonder if I can stay permanently one day, and carve a life out for myself there.
stone31 says: Spain there are parts of the country where people are very friendly and kind, like the south. But you are right, people in Southamerica are kinder.... especially Mexico....
Posted on: Nov 06, 2009
jenn79 says:
no! did you blog about it, I want to read! I dunno hon, I flew through Madrid airport 6 times over the course of my European leg of the trip and I can't say 1 single time was particularly pleasant! (and I did leave the airport but not for very far). I find Mexico to be MUCH MUCH kinder.
Posted on: Nov 06, 2009
stone31 says:
People at the airports are always rude...did I tell you the story about my experience at the Seattle Airport coming from Germany? It was worse than a horror movie...

Spanish people are americans...
So, what happens at the airport, is not what you are going to find in the rest of the country....

Try to leave the Madrid Airport and explore Spain, the real one, the next time!!! :-)
Posted on: Nov 06, 2009
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