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Day 3 at home in LA.. so awful.. actually not really. It's been a lot nicer than I expected save the 3x-a-day fights with the parents. The LA girls have gone out of their way to drag me out to play every day, been occupied with unpacking and moving stuff around and looking for my next employment possibilities.

Due to all the manual labor today, and probably a morning chat with Christoff - a fellow Californian still in Portugal, I dozed off for a bit today, only to dream of Portugal..

I was running around this huge old stone mansion, with overgrown gardens and lawns, crumbling but still beautiful statues, in twilight. I had to catch a 9pm plane but there was so much activity going on.. there was going to be a wedding the next day, and someone had borrowed a beautiful dress from home so that I could wear it to the wedding! People were playing with wedding objects - streamers, flowers, hula hoops, etc. I knew I had to get on that plane though, so I asked Irene "what time is it?" (I never had a watch or cell phone while I was in Portugal), she replied "it's 10pm". Oh no!! I missed my flight! And when I announced it, everyone threw their streamers and flowers into the air with joy, and ran towards me with enormous hugs and kisses! It's amazing what hugs and kisses can do, take away all the worry and grief in the world, only replaced by happiness.

So it's settled then, you're staying in Portugal for the wedding! And the next one too! And then we started planning our trip to the Azores! Wow, what a fantastic dream that was... definitely wish I was back in Portugal.
seapebbles says:
and I wish you were here too =)
Posted on: Jul 05, 2009
jenn79 says:
Thanks Kelly!! =)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2009
hirondellenhi says:
i like your map and how it is just right in the middle of the ocean now.
Posted on: Jul 03, 2009
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