Well.. I know what the inside of a Turkish ER looks like now!

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Oye, I am so tired of getting sick every month. Health has been a bit fragile since Africa and all the travel just hasn't been easy on the immune system I guess??

Anyhow, I had so much fun today. We had this crazy media blitz in one of the towns in Rize.. Guneysu (or something like that) and it's where the Prime Minister of Turkey hails from. Because of this, there were these gorgeous new buildings in the middle of these gorgeous green hills and schools were well equipped with lots of teachers. One of the classes we visited in a high school only had 7 students! Talk about some great student-teacher ratios! Especially after seeing the conditions in CAR. Apparently many politicians hail from this town, but speaking to the mayor was kind of iffy. I'm kind of scared of government officials - they all seem to be very.. myopic and not really aware of the pulse of society. The mayor showed us all these pictures of new buildings and centers that he wanted to build, and considering the millions of half-built buildings we JUST saw around Rize, it seemed kind of ridiculous.. all these projects started and not completed. Reminds me of the mentality in CAR where all the buildings get built under the guise of "contributing to the community" that have no plumbing, electricity, or furniture, and staffed with unmotivated teachers that haven't been paid in 2 years. That sort of craziness.

But can I tell you how heartwarming it was to see the young people of Rize?! It's funny, people here speak no english!! And they LOVE to dance. I feel like there's dancing going on EVERY DAY. I am now a master of the Turkish Dance!! Once again quite a few people asked to take a picture with the "Japanese" girl and then they dragged me onto the dance floor to do the big circle dance!

We got home and my stomach was all sorts of funky. I hadn't felt well since the morning but you know when you see a crowd of new people your adenaline kicks in and you find positive energy out of thin air. When that wore off I was really knocked out and went to rest, and then threw up shortly afterwards. Then I drank some juice and threw up again. I had a bit of a fever for the last few evenings so I was worried my malaria was coming back. The coordinator and I spoke for a bit and he ended up taking me to the hospital ER in Rize. WOAH. It was so scary. I'm rather glad I didn't take the medicine route after this... one female doctor in the ER, attendants bringing brain MRIs and skull xrays, it was soooo frightening and thank God Vera was with me the whole time holding my hand. I didn't have a temperature according to a thermometer in the armpit, so the doctor put me on what I could only decipher as saline drip and then wrote me a script for antacid, sephalasporin (another antibiotic which I have yet to take!) and a throat spray - looks like I have a throat infection, probably from the mold and wetness in Rize - the rainiest city in Turkey - yay!

Unfortunately I threw up again while I was on the IV so literally nothing is staying in my stomach though I don't feel particularly awful or anything. I didn't quite make it to the inside of the toilet and VERA actually took her tissues and cleaned it up best as she could. What a GOOD FRIEND, I couldn't believe it... We drove home in the rain and I basically get a pass for the rest of the week to rest in my moldy little room. Lord help me, just 2 more days!
CosmicTen says:
Yakult! That's what you need :)
Posted on: Jun 02, 2009
TRE69 says:
maybe all the bacteria in the milk and cheese are fighting with you intestinal bacteria hence causing turmoil?
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
jenn79 says:
kelly: it's SO TRUE! I'm like 2 lbs lighter already!! =)
Posted on: May 31, 2009
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