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woahhh.. it's been 1 month since I left Africa. And I'm not home yet..

Ale came online today to chat with me. I don't know what it is about her that just makes me feel.. okay. All she said to me was "where are you?" and when I answered she simply said "I completely understand." And then Skype cut off, dammit!!

There's some weird inside that just doesn't want me to go back. Part of me is scared if I leave Europe I'll never see Africa again. Part of me just doesn't want to deal with the chaos that is 29 years of accumulated stuff, and drama, and mistakes, and irritations, and obligations. I know, I know, grow up, grow a pair and handle your life! at least in the best way you know how, right?

But it looks like things are rolling again. I'm determined to finish my feasibility study this week and send it into the CAR office, unfortunately a month late! Then I'll start applying for positions - I found a cool one in the Solomon Islands that is basically what I did in CAR! Whoo Papau new Guinea here I come maybe!! =) And then maybe head into the Habitat office to help the President plan his Cape Verde programs a little better. And considering Irene is working her tookus off, I thought I'd give her a few days respite by taking off to Vienna or Prague. Flights are about 220 Euro or about 300 bucks from Porto. I'd love to see Prague but there's a killer overnight layover. I'm also leaning towards Vienna because Chris (Rob's friend) is there and I want to look for Klimt's artwork and fall in love with his paintings again in person.

We'll see, we'll see, as long as the energy keeps moving, I'll be just fine.
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Leca da Palmeira
photo by: jenn79